Monthly Archives: August 2013

Charlie Mgee the scarecrow



We love to make scarecrows for the garden.

We used old boots, bamboo for the arms and dress-up  clothes.

I hope Ellemor 8 will win the prizes in the Garden.

I like to win the prizes, it was a party at the Garden.

The Garden looks beautiful with everybody’s scarecrows.

By Marsha M

Using bamboo



We made a teepee out of bamboo, so that the beans can go around the bamboo stick, so it will grow up straight.

We are using bamboo in the Garden so we can make our Garden beautiful. The bamboo is good because it’s not plastic. The kids sit inside the bamboo.

We love working with Wendy in the Garden and we like making a bamboo teepee. When we make the teepee it looks great!

By Margaret

Friday Markets


On Friday we went to the Markets to sell things from the Garden.

We had a lot of customers. We were telling them about making a good garden at their home and we were showing them how to use the things that we were selling.

We had a lot of fun. Just so you know…we don’t sell coke at the Markets, it is worm juice!