Monthly Archives: October 2013

Maggie’s Birthday



Last week it was my birthday and everyone was happy to eat my cake, it was so sweet.

Everyone has one each cake but I had two cakes.

Everyone likes eating cake! At school when someone in our class that have birthday cake they like to make a cake and share it with their friends. We sing Happy Birthday too.

My birthday was a fun day and I was feeling special.

By Margaret.




Roberta is helping us to plant new seeds at our new garden.

She is a good teacher in Shepherdson College for teaching in Yolngu Matha and also in the Garden with Wendy and in the classroom with Janis.

I get a yield from Roberta because she shares her knowledge with me, and she also makes me feel proud and strong.

When I grow up, I want to be a nice lady like Roberta.

By Tina M

Shedua and Me Teaching our Teacher




 We were peeling the coconut so we can make Cassava+banana desert.

I like to eat coconut with my friends and I like to climb for coconuts up the tree.

I just climb, I don’t use any rope. I feel safe because my Dad taught me to climb the tree and open the cocunut by myself.

Wendy my teacher didn’t know how to open the cocunuts so I was teaching her. It felt good and exciting to be a teacher.

By Nathaniel Dhamarrungu