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Tree Ninjas say Merry Christmas to Galiwin’ku


Western 7 shanarsha Gerry Laurie, Rico and Wendy Ninja

On Friday the 6th, masked Ninja’s were spotted throughout the streets of Galiwin’ku between the hours of 9am and 11.30am.

Some community members believed the Ninja’s were secretly planting trees in yards and along the street. One lady said “The ground was very hard and rocky and those little Ninja’s kept on digging in the heat”.

Residents were pleased with their new plants and mulberry and palm trees.

By Leila Campbell

Protecting our Garden


P1120198 P1120146

We  are  putting the tyres  next to the   Mulberry  trees to stop people driving  on them.

When  they  are driving  on them  it is  killing  the tree.

But  if they are  driving  on the  tyres, the trees are  staying safe.

This is a picture of our Mulberry trees. And in the photo Sophia and Joyce are showing  the  trees.

By Marsha Milngurr