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This is Simon. He is holding the bananas. He picked the bananas from the gardem.

From Joshua


School Lunches



Yesterday, I ate a lunch and it was good. It was beef and rice with peas and corn.

The canteen people work hard because people go to school every day for lunch.

Thank you canteen workers for making our lunch.

From Eathan Minyingu

Daisy the Strong Miyalk


daisyToday we had our morning assembly in the turtle shade area. This was Daisy Gondarra’s idea. We split into boys and girls groups, dirramu ga miyalk.

We think this was a successful idea because girls want to discuss different things than the boys. This is the same when we do culture, we have different rules.

We also think Daisy is a strong, intelligent Yolngu lady. Thankyou Daisy for helping us.

From the Ellemor 5 Miyalkkurruwurr

Things to Watch


We have been watching lots of clips on VAMPtv because we know people from lots of the different schools. Some of them are really funny like the Nightcliff Ninjas and SugarMan from Galiwin’ku (our Community). You can watch it too.

We also love to watch our movie from last year that Ellemor 8 made about working in the Garden. It brings back happy memories.

Ellemor 2 is Happy Too!



On Wednesday I saw Abby at Basketball. Abby was happy to me – Norman

I love Wendy because she loves everybody. She makes me feel happy. She loves me. Angela

Abby is good and kind and she makes me feel happy. – John

My family makes me feel happy because they hug me and they love me. – Jerome

Abby is a nice teacher because we have fun in our class. We are always dancing and laughing. – Zachariah

I like school because I have fun and it makes me happy. I used to be at Milingimbi but now I am having fun at Shepherdson College. – Simone

Living on Elcho Island makes me feel happy because its beautiful. – Mickayla