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Question for Adam



Last week, we had our Colour Sports Days. On Wednesday we did the field events and on Thursday, we did the running races.

Marion had to add up all of the results so we didn’t find out the winner on Thursday. At the end of the day it was raining and we all went home to have another long weekend!

So….we would like to ask Adam, our Sports teacher, when will we find out the winner for colour sports because I am getting nervous about knowing if green won. Scotty is excited because he wants blue to win and Rachel is hoping for Red to be winners!

I wont cry if green doesn’t come first because it was a fun day for everyone!

From Faith Stevens

Learning with Marie



Ellemor 5 went to the Art Centre with Kaye and Bec. We learnt about traditional art.

From Vanessa

Ellemor 5 went to the Art Centre. We were looking for lines.

Form Rico Malmalka

Last term we went to the Art Centre and meet a lady named Marie. She was very kind. We went looking for lines and heard stories about the paintings. It was intresting to look at artwork made by Yolngu people. Bronwyn told us how she helps her Grandma and how she helps her make artwork.

When we were there we saw different lines everywhere. We saw them on baskets, stick dolls and paintings. It was the most perfect artwork I have ever seen. It was wonderful. 

From FaithStevens


Rianna’s Yield


I am better at the school and smart and better and good at doing a good job in the cooking room with Wendy.

In the cooking room we are writing stories about what we learning. Its very good at Rorru home land, all the kids like to work at the school and in the garden there too.

Here are some picture of my Garden at Rorru.

Happy boy in the gardenFruits at RorruBopu borum manymak

By Rianna

Colour Sport Day Prediction


IMG_2467go green

Colour Sports Day is tomorrow and on Friday.

It is a good for the kids and it is fun and the kids are happy and they stay healthy.

We do high jump, long jump, javelin (like a spear), shot put, discus and running races, (my favourite).

Last year, Green won for the first time in a long time and they beat blue and red by lots of points. This year, I think my team Blue will win. But Wendy says I am dreaming and Green will win again!

by Scott Rrama


PS….we don’t think Red has a chance! 😉