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Packet vs Fresh


These are the ingredients for the packet rollups.


The ingredients in our rollups are…….just fresh fruit!!!!!


We think that ours are beautiful, and have a nice smell and taste. All the little kids were buying them at the markets!

P1000591 P1000549

P1000546P1000564 P1000491P1000582

Some teachers were also buying vegetables and our cooking and Rachel’s mum was buying things and helping us and having a good time. Rachel was showing her mum this blog too and she was proud.

By Riccardo and Shanarsha on the weekend


Joanne makes compost


Today Joanne went down to the Garden to make compost. I saw her going so I went and took photos. Joanne made the compost by herself. First the got the scraps out of the car, then she tipped it into the spinning compost bin. Then she put in some recycled paper and put the lid back on. Last, she was spinning the bin to mix it up.

P1000453 P1000456 P1000455 P1000460


Joanne is a good garden girl.

By Shanarsha

This morning we are cooking


This  morning  Ellemor 5 are making bread, pumpkin dip, basil pesto, boiled eggs and salad in the cooking room with Wendy. We put balsamic vinegar and sugar with the onion to make it caramel and put in the pumpkin dip.

Roberta  is outside working with kids and doing Yolngu Matha assessment.

We will eat the bread and pumpkin dips and egg and pesto all on one plate like a tasting plate.

P1000440 P1000438 P1000447 P1000469 P1000458

Everyone loved the food and the cooking and we will sell some to the teachers at the market tonight too.

By Rachel

Selling Pizzas


P1000331 P1000334 P1000336

Yesterday they were selling pizzas for 2 dollars  and when Rico M and I walked past, we said  that smell is beautiful!

We also said it is a good thing to do at school because some people get hungry  then they  buy it and the pizzas were pretty and beautiful pizzas.

They were healthy and fresh and the Secondary kids did a good job.

P1000330 P1000332

By Riccardo Landhuni

Ellemor 2’s Rosella Yield


Hello everyone,

Yesterday, our whole class was collecting rosellas. They grow in the bush. They grow by themselves in the rain season. They taste delicious and a little bit sour.

P1000323 P1000325

Later, group 3 was collecting the seeds from the rosellas. We will plant the seeds in the bush so that next year we get one thousand rosellas!


We also took off the red part and cooked it up to make cordial and rollups. Our rollups are natural and they taste yummy and more fresh than the packet ones.


By Group 3 in Ellemor 2

Making Good Choices at ALPA



I went to the ALPA shop to help Wendy buy eggs to make pancakes for breakfast at school.

I said ‘we need to get the free eggs from the free chickens’. They have a good life like our chickens.

The other chickens live in a cage and they have a bad life and they are not free. They have no space and they are sad.

We are proud of ALPA for giving us good choices.

By Rico