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Faith Volunteers



After school I wanted to help Rebecca, our smart teacher, clean our floor because we did lots of work and the cleaner missed a few spots of rubbish- so I did it.

I was cleaning also because Rebecca, our impressive teacher, was doing hard work that teacher do and I  wanted to thank you her for helping me learn.

She gave me a prize for the work I did.

By Faith Djomula Stevens

Elvis has left the building for good



Today my Grandpa and Grandma, two special people, came to talk to Wendy, my awesome, amazing garden teacher, about Elvis, the rooster.

If my family weren’t proactive and didn’t get Elvis something bad would have happened to Elvis.

He would have had no head! So today I saved another’s life, a rooster’s life. I am very happy to have saved Elvis. Now,  he is at my home safe and sound.

By Faith

Doing Big Jobs




Today we were helping Wendy after school. The chicken’s food came on the barge but it was put in the wrong area.

It can’t stay there because there was a little bit of rain and we saw a rat next to the pawpaw tree and it might eat the chicken’s food if we leave it there.

It was heavy and every bag was 20kg. We thought about getting the wheelbarrow, but it was quicker to lift it up and we are tough. We like doing man’s work and helping in the garden. Wendy was helping us too. 


Our yield was getting the eggs from the chickens and a pawpaw to take to our home and share with our families.

Peter, Jermaine and Nicholes

feeling Good about Working



Yesterday   Ellemor 5,   a beautiful   class,   went  to  the  garden     to   work   at the back   of   the  secondary  block.

 Firstly  we  made   a  cover  for the  chickens to stop them  to  go  out   side.  I  worked   with  the boys.   

Secondly    we  went  to  the   feed   the  chickens.

Next  we   found    the    chicken  egg   and we were excited    for  the  eggs  . 

Lastly,   we  went   to   fix     the  water   pipes  .  We  fixed    the   water   pipes  because   it  was  broken  . 

I  felt  good  because     we  were    working    good  yesterday  .  

by   Shanarsha

By Peter



Yesterday. Ellemor 5, a smart class, was working in the garden.

Firstly we were working hard in the  garden.

Secondly we were helping in the garden.

Next, Scott, Jermiane and I were chicken fence working, making it taller to stop them escaping.

Finally, Wendy was happy to see us all working in teams in the garden.

I felt excited and Ellemor 5 is brave, because we are a happy class.


Working In the Garden and working with Kaye



Yesterday Ellemor 5, a class from Shepherdson C0llege, were gardening in the garden.

Firstly, we planted seeds the seeds were tomatoes and beetroot. Hopefully the plants will grow. We had to make some good composted soil. We got some coir and composted soil we had to add water for the coir to break down. We put the soil, coir and composted soil with the water, onto the beds, plant areas,.

Secondly, I went  to Kaye to do my second colour on my shirt. I made my second print from what came to my head, some design that is abstract.

Thirdly, it was lunch time I came back to help Wendy fix up the water pipes. I was helping until we finished all the jobs we had to do.

In conclusion, I had a perfect day in the garden and I will never forget that day.

from Faith


Ellemor 7’s Teamwork





Today, Ellemor 7 worked as a team and got two big jobs finished!

The first job was to put chicken wire over the arch they started last time. Now we can plant spinach inside it for our chickens and they wont be able to get inside to eat it all at once!

The second job was to put chicken wire over the shade trellis that Ellemor 2 started. Now it is ready for planting shady, climbing plants on it.



And their yield for all this hard work was….they got to share this really big ripe pawpaw 🙂

Everyone was very proud and happy and they saved the seeds so that everyone can plant a pawpaw tree at their home too.

Pigeon Peas


We have been shelling pigeon peas to get the seeds out. Pigeon peas are excellent trees because they have a lot of functions which means we can use them in lots of different ways in the garden. 

Go to the ‘What’s hot right now’ page to find out how great these plants really are!

pigeon peas

By Faith and Rachel

About painting at the Clinic


P1000434P1000433P1000435 P1000436 P1000437

This is at the clinic we were doing painting on the new Hearing Booth. These pictures are of me, and my friends Faith and Shane. But other kids from Ellemor 5 were helping too.

This booth is for testing everybody’s ears to see if they are clean and healthy. We painted it to make it look good and friendly so that people will want to go and use it and be healthy.

We painted ears and how they work and also our hands and names.

Later, all the kids from Ellemor came up and the Hearing Ladies were serving food and drinks to them. And then they were showing us how to get our ears checked, but just for fun!

I hope the hearing booth is used by everybody in Galiwin’ku.

By Scotty