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Flowers for my friend



I gave  flowers  to my  friend because she was going to a funeral for her family.

I got the flowers from our Garden.

My friend loved the flowers and took them with her to the cemetery.

She was doing bungul (Yolngu dancing) with her family.

It made me feel happy to look after my friend when she was feeling sad.

By Rico





Hi everyone, Janis is coming back in October she is visiting us.

Janis is coming for a holiday here on Elcho Island.

Everyone, be sure to WELCOME Janis back to the Island.

faith yay

Hi Janis Everyone is very excited that you are coming back. I am very excited!

By Faith Stevens

PS. We got new Jamie Oliver sticker books and we love them because they are fun and they teach us about fruits and vegies and the garden!

jamie books

the chickens eating seed



The chickens are eating the seed from the sunflower and they are very tasty to the chickens!

Why do they like seeds? Because its their favourite food and seed. When its a bit cold they need a bit more fat in their food like sunflower seeds and corn .

They went a bit crazy because it was new and beautiful and they had been only eating boring pellets in the holidays.

Presents from the chickens


Today Ellemor 8 went to the Garden for the first time since we came back from the bush holidays.

We were very excited because the chickens have been laying eggs…and making lots of poo!

We watched them laying eggs and they had to line up for the nest because there are 15 chickens but they only like to use one of the nests.

We were also watching them very closely so maybe they were a bit shy.


We let them keep laying and collected the poo instead.

We put it in a big bucket with water so its wasn’t so strong, then we added a little bit to our watering cans to put on our garden.


Later on, we went back and collected the eggs and made scrambled eggs for lunch.


They were so yummy!