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chickens are cool!



Chickens are cool because they eat vegetables and scraps and they turn them into eggs!

They also make manure and dig for worms.

They make the soil turn black and we can use it for the garden.


This week, Ellemor 7 were digging up the black soil from the chookhouse and using it to make new garden areas.

By Scotty

Lucky Chickens!



On the weekend  we saw a big snake at  the chickens house and the chickens were very lucky! This snake was looking for chickens and eggs to eat!



On Monday, two men came to school and cut the net . They were gentle and caring with the snake. It was a water python and it  is not poisonous. and this man’s baby daughter loves to play with snakes like this one.



After they got the snake out, they put it in a pillowcase and took it away from the chook-house to set it free in the bush. Everyone was clapping and was really happy that those men were helping us and saving the chickens.

 By Rachel


Our first term 3 market



Walter looked at the stems of the pumpkins to find the one that was ripe and then he used secateurs to cut it off.



Rachel and I cut up the pumpkin.

We helped Wendy get the ingredients for the basil pesto.




Shanarsha was cooking the pumpkin scones and banana muffins.

She made some yummy passion fruit icing she rolled the pumpkin dough  out and made little circles out of them.

P1010816 P1010807


The Customers enjoyed our lovely service and they really liked the scones and muffins that Shanarsha had made. 

We had so many customers that I can’t remember!!

By Faith Djomula Harriet Agnes Stevens

Working together for a yield



Little kids are helping the garden to grow and Wendy is always happy because the are doing some big work. Little kids like to do the big work because they are strong and the garden is beautiful and interesting.

We always love the garden because it give us a yield and  we give it a yield too. I think working in the garden is better than the classroom because there is fresh air outside and we learn more about things, different things and we see what happens to the things in nature.

We get some fruit and vegetables and so do Williams and Western kids because they are doing the best work to help Wendy and make her happy and smiley. Wendy likes to be a Garden Teacher.

by Riccardo

Elvis gets out!



In the holidays, Elvis, the rooster, got out of his cage – he got out through the top of the roof!

My Ngathi, Grandpa, heard something outside and saw that Elvis had gotten out and was walking around the yard.

My Ngathi got a big sheet to trap Elvis so he could get back into his cage. My grandpa crept up slowly to Elvis but Elvis got away and ran to the other side of the house!

My sisters and I went to the side where Elvis was to get him a bit closer. We tried  to catch Elvis by making Elvis walk side to side in the corner of the fence and finally my grandpa got Elvis!

We put him back into his big cage and he was happy to be home again.

By Faith 

Jermaine’s weekend


On the weekend we went to make the spear.

Firstly, we cut spear with a knife.

Secondly, we make a big fire and put that spear on to that fire and we take off skin (the bark)

Then we used three sharp nails to  catch the fish. We tied them onto the end of the spear.

Finally we went the beach to catch a fish and a crab!

By Jermaine Yumburri