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The Ninjas out and about again!


Today Williams 4 Ninjas snuck down the clinic road and visited all of the houses in the area.

P1030059 P1030065 P1030074 P1030076

They dropped off sunflowers to people at home or left them at the door as a surprise for when they came back!

P1030053 P1030052

All the kids were happy to see lots of houses with beautiful gardens. They saw flowers, lemon trees and lots of flowering mango trees.

 P1030071 P1030069 P1030075P1030054


All the Adults were happy to see the ninjas out and about and feeling happy.

If you live in Galiwin’ku, maybe they visited you today…?

A Big Day


Today we went to  Gardening with Wendy.

P1020958 P1020976 P1020977

We were working in the Front Garden. We worked as a team to put the cardboard from ALPA shop onto the weeds. Then we put the mulch on top. Now Jacob doesn’t have to mow the weeds all the time and our plants will not dry out.

Next we went to the community and we were helping them, making their garden grow and be healthy. We were planting the seeds and putting the Seasol on the soil.

After that we also went to the Back Garden. We were having a hose party. We were really happy having that hose party and cooling off!

By Peter M

Sharing with Rowan



Today Rowan and  the Sport and Rec workers came with us to share the sunflower seeds with the community. 

We went and we gave the seeds to the people and the people feel good.

Later, Jermaine and I took Rowan to the chicken house and we found 25 eggs in the chicken house.

We were happy to show Rowan the chickens and we were letting him carry the eggs.

We hope Sport and Rec can work with us every week.

By Eathan Minyingu

An Amazing Day


Today, our class was planting sunflower seeds for some people in the community. Some good workers from Williams 5 helped us too. We were the Sunflower Ninjas!


We started doing the job after lunch. We went to people’s houses and handed out free seeds for them to plant in their gardens. We told them about h0w to grow them, the best place to plant them and how to make the seasol mix, to help the soil.


The people in the community were feeling happy because they are getting a yield for being supportive of school kids.

We had a break at the shop and Wendy got some ice blocks because we were very hot!

P1030006 P1030009

Then we went to the garden and we had some hose parties. The Williams kids that were helping us to plant the sunflowers were joining in and we were making up new fun games. 


After that, Wendy yelled out “everyone time for ice blocks” and the flavour of the icy poles was coca cola! Clare brought the rest of Williams 5 to the Garden to join in and have some fun with us. Then we had more hose parties until it was fruit time.

We had an excellent day. Were planting  sun flowers because we wanted the whole community to look pretty and make them learn how to be gardeners like us. Oh…and another thing…..the secret sunflowers that Rico and I were planting last week are already coming up and all the kids were excited to go and find out where we put them!

P1020942 P1020943 P1020945 P1020950

By Riccardo Landhuni

Sunflower Ninjas


P1020775 P1020777

Part 1. We have been putting sunflower seeds into packets so the whole  community can  have   sunflower  seeds .

Today we will  go  every  where  with  Wendy and give the sunflower seeds to everyone.

We are planting sunflowers because we want everyone to have beautiful gardens in Galiwin’ku.

P1020984 P1020985 P1020986 P1020987 P1020988P1020996 P1020989 P1020994

Part 2. Now we are back…. All the people were feeling good  and  happy!

The community will  look   happy and bright when all of the flowers grow.

 By Alisha

Community Cross Country Day


20140919_144159Faith[1]20140919_143816 20140919_13010620140919_130131   20140919_14454520140919_125857

Last Friday was a perfect day! There were lots of happy kids and adults and lots of community people came to watch their kids run in cross country. Some were even being extra kind and squirting the runners with a hose because it was 35 degrees and most kids were running barefoot.

I was standing at the finish line to congratulate the little children who ran in the race. When the 1o year olds ran, we had to run 3kms to the airport and back. First, Second and Third got a medal!

After the 1o year olds ran the canteen mob started handing out lunch. The lunch was sausages,coleslaw, 1 bread, sauce and lettuce and tomato. We were really hungry and happy to get that good lunch.

After all the older children ran we had some presentations. The first second and third had to go up and get a football. Also the first person had to get a ball and another medal! Some dancers from Sydney did a dance performance which was really exciting to watch.

After the presentations we all went home except for the people who were running in the 10km fun run and all the people who wanted to watch. Gali did a traditional dance to wish us all good luck and Datjin joined in.

In the afternoon when I was still hot I  ran in the women’s 10km race and I came third out of them all. I was a bit shy, but proud of myself for having a go.

By Faith Djomala Stevens


Faith ran in the 10yr old girls 3km cross country in the morning and won, then backed this up in the afternoon with the 10km run. Faith had been doing some training for this race and was totally unfazed by the challenge. She came third in the Women’s event, and 6th overall out of 25 male and female runners – despite ‘having a rest’ in the middle, and beginning the race in duffle boots!

Faith is an amazing example of how determination can help us overcome challenges and she quite literally can achieve anything she puts her mind to!! Remember the name….

Secondary Kids’ Dog Show


P1020853 P1020854 P1020855 P1020856

Recently, the Secondary Kids did some paintings of dogs. They are called portraits and they were bright and beautiful colours.

All the kids voted for their favourite dogs.

My choice was number 8. It was my favourite because it was a good painting and the dog looks happy.

Jo, their teacher, was talking to us and it was nice to listen to her talk about the paintings.

By Shaniel

Sunflower Ninjas Surprise Beach Camp!



Today the Sunflower Ninjas went to Beach Camp to secretly plant sunflowers!

The Ninjas were choosing a special place to plant their seeds.


Shani and Chelsea planted seeds next to the tap so they can get lots of water.


We put seeds at the Marthakal Office, the Ranger’s Office and the Jungle House.

All of the Adults who saw us were feeling happy and proud of little kids doing hard work.

By Western 7 kids