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Homemade tools



At the farm I found  this sharp thingy that someone made and left there. I used it to take down the mangoes by hooking them and pulling down. Then I picked up the mango.

It was easier to use this tool. Normally I get mangoes down by throwing something to try and knock them down.

But it doesn’t matter how we get them down, the mangoes are always delicious!

By Anthia

Super Climber



I love to climb trees. Climbing trees makes me feel  happy and excited.

I love mangoes because they are fun to get and they are sweet and delicious

When we climb up high we can easily see the houses and community and it feels calm and peaceful. We can hear birds, and the tree sounds like it is talking to us.

By Rico M

The Williams Garden Sprouts!


photo 1

Kiara-Jane and the first giant snake bean.

photo 2photo 3

The wicking bed bean flowers.

pitataphoto 5

The first sweet potatoes.


Keen Williams 4 gardeners – Trent, Bobby, Selina and Kiara-Jane.


Williams 4 students were worried that the Williams garden wasn’t getting enough water because we couldn’t fit the hose to the tap.

We got a new hose fitting and when we watered the garden we saw that the wicking beds had been working well.

There were 3 snake beans, some flowers and sweet potatoes growing!

We are so proud of our garden.


Getting Ready for Open Day


P1030941 P1030942 P1030944 P1030946


Ellemor five worked really hard to make the garden ready for our Open Day. We had to tidy up the whole garden. Peter and some other boys put shredded paper on the ground in the chicken house so people with no shoes didn’t get manure on their feet.

We also had to make all of the food for Cafe Shep before we showed people around. Everyone was helping and I think ellemor five was a good team.

Emily Gray from Darwin was helping us too. She said “what can I do?” so we were giving her lots of jobs! All the kids liked working with Emily and she was showing us how to do new hand signs like gangstas! I hope Emily can come back one day.



Shepherdson College Ambassadors


On Thursday the 13th of November, Shepherdson college hosted the third Edugrow School Garden Awards. It was an amazing day, starting with an Open Garden, with lots of community members and invited guests coming up to have a tour, led by the students. It was such a buzz to see the garden full of excited adults and children all sharing and learning together.

This was followed by an awards ceremony at which the five pictured students bravely made speeches about the importance of gardening in their lives.

Lastly, 4 classes came together to put on a Cafe Shep, celebrating the day and sharing yummy food with everyone.

Below are the speeches that we (Rachel, Anthia, Scotty, Peter and Faith) wrote and read out to everyone.


“Good Afternoon Everyone. We would like to tell you why we love our garden at Shepherdson College.

Firstly, our garden makes us feel happiness and we love working together outside in the fresh air.

Secondly, we get excited because we love to feed the chickens and seeing them play and run around is funny!

Thirdly, gardening teaches us things that will help us in real life, like growing food, cooking, sharing ideas in English and our own languages and caring for nature.

These are some of the reasons why we love our garden and all the kids in our school love our garden too. We hope we can keep gardening forever!!

Life’s a Garden……So dig it!!!”

By Scotty and Peter


Hello Everyone, we are happy to see so many visitors here at Shepherdson College today!

We would like to tell you about what we do in our garden and why we do it.

Our Garden is an organic garden. This means we don’t use any poisons on our plants and the food we grow is super healthy!

We use permaculture ideas to help us garden. Here are the three ethics we follow.

Earth care – we look after our soil and garden by making compost and mulching and recycling.

People Care – we share our produce and make healthy food and people devour it! That helps their body. To look after our minds, we work in teams, respecting and supporting each other.

Fair Share – everyone deserves to get a yield when they put in hard work, and everyone has useful skills to share.

We don’t just garden at school, we teach other people in the community how to garden too.

You might have seen the sunflower ninjas around town sharing seeds and gardening love!

Our community helps us too. ALPA saves the scraps for our chickens and our compost and also cardboard boxes to make mulch.

People in our community are also good customers who support us at the markets.

So as you can see…we don’t just play in our garden, it’s a fantastic place to learn useful skills for our future.

By Faith, Anthia and Rachel

Open Garden Tours


On Thursday the 13th, lots and lots of visitors from the community came to look at our garden and Ellemor 5 gave tours to the visitors and different classes.

I took my sister to the garden and showed her our wonderful work that we do. She liked the chickens the most and I gave her a free mulberry tree and some sunflower seeds to take home.

P1030962 P1030969 P1030976 P1030981

I felt very happy and proud to show my sister around.

By Rico M

Sharing Knowledge


On Thursday, Rico, Scotty, Faith, Anthia, Peter and I were showing our garden to everyone and talking about how we learn at the school. I took my family around the garden and I showed them our plants, chickens and mulberry trees.

P1030949 P1030954 P1030957 P1030973 P1030974 P1030990

We made speeches at assembly, and I was a bit shy, but felt so proud to speak to the community about our garden.


We were feeling happy all day, but we felt sad when all the visitors were gone because we had been so excited to see them in our garden. 

By Faith