Monthly Archives: December 2014

Beautiful Recycled Christmas decorations


Our class was making decorations for the Christmas Concert out of recycled paper.


Some kids also made a Christmas tree out of an old pallet. 


Edi’s  class made a tree too. They painted a branch and put decorations on it.


The church stage looked beautiful at the concert.

By Joanne



Community Christmas Cheer




This morning all the children from Transition to Grade 3 went to the beach at the bottom of Beach Camp to make community Christmas trees.

They used natural materials and anything else that was lying around on the ground!

All the children worked very hard and really well together, even though it was very hot.

It was such a lovely morning, and the Beach Camp families were very happy with their special Christmas trees.

By Clare






Yesterday we were helping some Williams 5 kids, writing in Yolngu Matha.

We were writing about Sophia, Grace, Joyce and Tyrone working at their house on the weekend.  

They were planting some flowers and they made a foot path.

It was great to see them using life skills, helping the environment, helping the earth grow more plants and working as a family.

By Riccardo