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Hot Cross Buns for Teachers…and us!


DSC01047 DSC01054

Today we like selling our Hot Cross Buns and all the teachers liked getting hot cross buns!

All of Ellemor eight got to eat the buns and we were selling them. We took them to the teachers who had emailed Wendy with an order. I took some to Tony and Tui and they were excited for our yummy cooking.


Making hot cross buns was easy because we worked altogether as one big team! My favourite part was rolling them into little buns and putting 16 on each tray. I have had a joyful Easter day!

By Vanessa

Ninja Teachers!


On Monday, we came to school and we went to the garden and got a really big surprise!

The archway was moved, the shade house was fixed up and all the old and broken garden beds were moved! Even the heavy chairs had been shifted to their new place. Then Wendy told us that some Secondary and Primary teachers had worked together to help her make our new garden. They were very kind to do that work to help us and they were like sneaky ninjas!   Gary moving the rocks


Gary and Tony moving the chairs


DSC01025   Sophie and Craig pulling up the old irrigation



Eric using the sledgehammer


Hilary in the fixed-up shade house

Thankyou for everything helpful teachers!

DSC00932From Rico Malmalka

Cathy Freeman



Last week Cathy Freeman came to Elcho she was giving out prizes.

The Cathy Freeman Foundation are organizing trips to Melborune and Sydney. Kids from years 5 to 12 will go on theses trips.

I wonder who will go on this life time experience….?

I don’t know when but I know it’s not going to be in the holidays.

I had a picture with Cathy, she was an amazing and lovely woman.

I’ve watched a film of her run and she was fast! I had never seen any one run that fast in my life!

I wish I could be just like her when I grow up.

When I met her, she had a very calm and soothing voice.

She’s a great and nice lady.

DSC00988 DSC00990 DSC00991

Sylvia,Tatiyana and I got an award for coming 100%.

It was cool!

Faith D Stevens

Cathy Freeman at Sheppy!!


Hello everyone, today Cathy Freeman came to Shepherdson College. All the Primary classes came together in the library where Cathy was answering questions for the classes.

I asked her two questions. My first question was ” how did it feel to be an Indigenous woman and representing all of Australian people?”  She said that she was proud of representing her culture and her people and believed in herself that she could do anything. 

My second question question was asking her about how does she stay focused on the race when she is doing long distance running even when it was really hard. She said that she thought about her ancestors and her elders and that helped her stayed strong and determined to try and win.


Harry asked what age she was when she won her first medal and she said when she was 8 and her gold medal was when she was 27. I won my first gold medal when I was 8 too, it was scary for me so I hope I can be just like her. I have run a lot of races and came first. I ran with the women in the 2014 fun run here on Elcho and won 3rd place!

Cathy Freeman won an Olympic gold medal for Australia and she was proud of her achievements. One day I hope I could go to the Olympics and try running the 400m race and win a gold medal for Australia too. Hopefully my dream will come true.

By Faith Stevens

I love Cathy because she is faster and she was visiting us all at Shepherdson College in Galiwin’ku. By Rico Malmalka

I liked looking at our videos with everyone in the library. We were all asking good questions and we were excited with all our teachers. We looked at videos of Cathy in our class and she is fast against the other people. We really like her. I was asking my question about my mum and about Cathy’s mother. My mum was in the library and I talked in Front of her and I felt proud. By Vanessa

I like Cathy Freeman because she is amazing at running. All the kids like to run and play and we are all hoping Cathy Freeman will like to play lots of things with us. She likes to go to the Olympics too. I saw her today, then I was happy. By Sylvia Garawirrtja Birrkili


Here is the question we asked Cathy today;“Hello Cathy we are Tiyrel and Elijah. We like to work hard in our garden and stay healthy. Do you want to see our movie about Staying  healthy and happy and strong?” We were very happy because she said yes.


Hello Cathy, I’m proud of you when you are here because you were running fast in the Olympics. Today Cathy Freeman came to our school and she went in the library and she was speaking with us. I said to her “do you want to have a race with us at lunchtime?” And she laughed and said she is slow now but we didn’t believe her and she said she would race us. By Tatiyana


Another Cyclone Hits our Garden


On Sunday, we had another Cyclone in Galiwin’ku.DSCN0185

Cyclone Nathan was not as big as Cyclone Lam, but it brought a HUGE amount of rain. It didnt rain before the cyclone, but after, it rained all day for 3 days! It is a little bit of a good thing because the water got turned off and we showered in the rain and saved water in buckets at our house.


Today in the garden, I  put rocks in the way and also  the  green  grass  and leaves from the banana area  with more rocks to help block the water and make it go into the drain.

By Vanessa

Our Garden Got Flooded!


Today we went to the garden to check up after the second cyclone! All our banana leaves had ripped again! 

So….we chopped off the ripped leaves and made a new banana circle. It was easy to dig holes today because there was too much water and mud in the garden.20150325_112211

All the water from the drains from the whole school washed down into the garden. They made a big mess of the garden and all our lovely chicken manure and black soil has been washed into the teacher houses! We hope it helps their gardens grow back big and green.20150325_112244

Luckily, all of our cassava and lemongrass and presents from Darwin are ok because we planted them around the outside of the garden.

By Elijah, Gerad and Tiyrel20150325_112307

Lots of different lessons



Today we decided to move the big heavy metal wheel to its new area.

Firstly, we were digging the wheel out because it is heavy and was buried in dirt.

Then we used maddocks and star pickets with rocks as levels. This made it easier and even Tiyrel could lift it up a bit by himself.


Then we  were pushing the wheel . We had to bend our knees so we didn’t hirt our back. We had to use all our muscles.

DSC00596Lastly we rolled it together. We had to be slow and careful. It was hard work but we were a good team.

We thought it was a wagon wheel but it was so heavy so horses cant pull it. So we learnt about some history and found out it was part of the old saw mill on Elcho Island.

By Elijah

Recycling our trees




This is the mango tree is geting new leaves. We are happy that it is growing back because Isaac and his friend planted it on Tony’s birthday as a present to him and it was just his birthday again on Sunday.

Rico and I did cleaning up and we decided to get the wood chips and put them on the ground in the chicken house. The ground was all wet and had lots of poos,  but now is not smelling and we  were recycling our trees that got killed by the cyclone. The chickens think it was fun to run and scratch and play around in the woodchips.

By Serina and Rico

Beautiful Donations


DSC00607 DSC00613 DSC00615


Dear Sheryl, Simone and the anonymous and kind supporters.

Thanks for sending us the blue hats and bananna lollies, seeds and chocolate eclairs!

We are very happy that you are helping us.

We like to garden so the new blue hats will help us and now we can share them with other classes too.

 Yesterday  we were cuting  lemon grass so we can use it for new garden beds edges.

We are slowly building a new bright beautiful garden.

By Sylvia Gemiyala Garawirrtja.