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My Brother Tiyrel


Tiyrel is my brother. He is a cheeky boy sometimes, but he is also very caring to his little sister and he loves her.

Tiyrel likes to make beautiful things and he is good at art.


On Sunday, some boys came into our school and killed four of our chickens. When we went down to the garden, we felt so upset and angry at those boys.  They were not showing respect and hurting animals is not Yolngu culture. We love our chickens and they had no reason to kill them. We all dug the holes and buried them.

Tiyrel likes caring for our chickens and he wanted to show respect to them so he was putting the flowers on the graves with Merril and having a ceremony for them. 



No Mercy from Indonesia


Last painting shown to media

Last night the two Bali nine men were executed by the Indonesian Government. All the family were very sad and it was not right thing to do. I was very sad . I think they should keep them at the jail. Because they did the good painting, and teaching other people to do good with their life.

By Serina

Last night the Bali nine  two boys were shot by the  Indonesian  government. I think  it was wrong and I’m  feeling sad because we are  feeling worrying about their families. This morning  we were watching the news.

by Joanne


Last  night the Government shot the people from Australia. They are dead and their family is crying for those Australian people.

I cant believe they shot those men. They should let them go to their families.

By Merril


The men were in the jail for ten years then the  policeman  came and take them to the lsland  and shot them with a gun. Then we feel sad because  I think they should have worked for policeman to  stop drugs.

By Walter

two men


Today  I  was  learning  about  the  two  men   who  were  shot   in Indonesia  by police. I’m  sad  because they  shot    them  and they  died.

I think that the Indonesian government should change their that mind  to let the men come back to Australia  for locking them   up.

by   Zachariah

Bali nine execution


Last night two men were executed and the Indonesian Government didn’t tell the Australian Government. They are sad because they are Australian people so they should leave them in the jail. The  Indonesian people are happy people, so shooting people is not normal for them. 

By Scotty

Strong Teamwork


20150428_103440[1]We have been working very hard in the garden. We are putting cardboard boxes from ALPA onto the weeds and plants to make a new area for growing. We need to make that new area because the two cyclones killed our whole garden.

We always work with teamwork. Sometimes we work altogether, but mostly we find our own jobs with little teams because we are independent and strong and smart in the garden. 

DSCN0034We have got to do big jobs because we do all of the work in the garden. We work like grown ups and use our muscles. But I like that work. I feel good when I am working in a team, and being outside and staying fit and healthy.

By Sylvia



ANZAC Day Chook Raffle


DSCN0007 DSCN0006

On Friday, we had an ANZAC ceremony at school. The little kids showed the whole school their posters of 100 poppies to remember World War 1.

Tatiyana, Sylvia and Faith read a poem about Indigenous Soldiers because they had unfair treatment after they came home. They were very brave for reading in front of the whole school and community. Kaye and Valeska were also reading famous ANZAC poems.


We put our wreaths and all the kid’s poppies on our memorial garden to show respect to all the people who died in wars.

Then, on Saturday it was really ANZAC day and we  were selling   tickets for another chook raffle.  Then we cooked the chicken for the winner, Johnny Minyarama.

We sell those tickets for raising money for rebuilding the garden.

By Rico


What Kids get up to


When kids take photos in the garden, they record all the different things they are doing. Sometimes its the jobs we all decided to do, but a lot of the time its to record new discoveries and problem solving. Last Thursday, this is what we found on the camera at the end of the day.

DSCN0268 DSCN0299

Gadi was feeding the soil with Seasol and feeding the worms to the chickens. He was also chasing lizards!!

DSCN0269 DSCN0270 DSCN0279 DSCN0305

The girls were working as a team to move lots of woodchips to use as mulch.

DSCN0266 DSCN0310

The chickens were happy as always, and had a really good feed of scraps from ALPA store.

Lastly, here is a video Sylvia secretly made when she was talking to the chooks!