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I love the Festival!


At the Tropical Garden Spectacular, I was talking on the radio to Lisa Pellegrino on ABC local. She was a kind and friendly lady. I was a bit shy for talking on the radio.

DSCN1454 DSCN1437


But later I was getting more brave and meeting lots of people. This is me with Emily. She likes to cuddle the panda and I was feeding it my watermelon scraps. Later we went to the bamboo place and I saw a soup spoon. It is really cool making things out of bamboo. I was blowing a whistle made of bamboo. I hope I can learn to make some things with bamboo on Sunday.


We saw lots of really cool puppets like this chicken that Samson is walking on the ground.


We also saw signs under the trees just like the ones we were putting at our trees on Elcho!

DSCN1424 DSCN1427

I saw plants in the pipes and a vegetable garden made out of a recycled kitchen. We loved looking at the barramundis being fed because they were fast!




It was raining a little bit in the day and lots at night-time so all the plants will be green and happy.

Day 1 at the Festival was amazing. I think Day 2 will be even more exciting!

By Rico Malmalka

Samson and Merril at the Festival


Today we went to the Tropical garden Spectacular at the Botanic Gardens. We did so many cool things!


The first thing we did was ride on the ponies. They were quiet and friendly. They ate red apples. We were very excited because it was our first time for riding the ponies.

DSC01538 - Copy

Then we went and looked at everything. Merril liked the colourful flowers. Samson liked the loofahs in the Kormilda Kid’s garden. Wendy and Merril liked the art made out of and old tyre, cds, leaves and other recycled stuff.

Merril’s favourite was the really big frog. He wants to buy it and to take it on the plane but thinks the plane might fall down so he can put it on the barge. Samson was holding a real snake and he was feeling a little bit brave.

DSC01564 DSC01562DSC01563

We saw lots of art made out of recycled things and we really like them. We want to make them for our garden too. We think the gorilla is funny but Wendy doesn’t want it for our garden because it is made out of plastic!


Later we were holding the baby chooks, ducks and rabbits. They were really soft and cute. We also patted some guinea pigs but we think they poo too much so we didn’t hold them.


The bamboo man was showing Samson how to split the bamboo so that you can have the skinny bits and make things out of it. That man was really kind and he is a good teacher.


We were helping Emily to water all the plants in the school gardens so they can stay beautiful for the second day. Emily was watering her face and hair to see if she might maybe grow bigger! She is like Costa and she is funny and cool and she is Wendy’s friend.


We were eating fresh watermelon that was grown in the Darwin area. It tasted so sweet and nice.

DSCN1450 DSCN1435

We had so much fun with our Garden Gang at the Festival today and we wonder what we might do tomorrow…

By Samson and Merril

Fun Festival Day





This morning we went to the markets. and when I saw all the people I said ‘Wow!’. Some Aboriginal people were singing in a different language for the money and Samson was kind and he went and gave them some money because he was feeling sorry for them.

We bought some banana juice, it tasted fresh and sweet. Some of us kids also wanted to buy watermelon juice too. The boys were getting crocodile teeth necklaces and crocodile skin wristbands. 

DSC01552 DSC01556


When we got to the Fesitval, we were learning about the ponies. We got to ride the ponies  and they were very friendly. We fed them red apples.

Then Samson saw a big snake up in the tree, but it was only a fake one and people were believing it! 


DSC01693 DSC01575


We were sitting and playing with Emily and Costa. They are funny people and they know lots about gardening.




I held a black baby duck, it was skinny so I had to hold it carefully. 


When we got back to Parap, we made our pizzas and fruit salad with the fresh vegetables and fruit that we bought from the markets.

Today was a really interesting day.

By Sylvia Gemiyala

The Huge Big, Mulch Pit Community Garden


Yesterday at the Mulch Pit Garden, we were happy to see lots of plants that we also grow in our school garden and at our house.

We saw eggplants, loofah, chillies, pawpaws, pumpkins, sweet leaf, lemongrass, beans, pineapple, sweet potatoes and basil and lots more!

DSC01510  DSC01512 DSC01515

We were talking to the ladies that grow vegetables there because they cant grow them at their house and they like to work together with other people from the community. We also learnt about different kinds of spinach and we ate some pretty flowers.

We also saw lots of art like mosaics. And we loved the ways they made shade out of recycled things like the washing lines.




I love the decorated trees because it makes me feel great and we did that to our trees too after the cyclones.


Thankyou to the Mulch Pit workers for letting us see you beautiful garden.

Right now it is nice and cool and we cant wait to go to the markets and to the festival!

By Rico


Darwin trip with Wendy


Today 3 boys, me and Wendy went to Darwin  for  meeting new people to help us with the new garden at our school.

We said goodbye to our families at the airport, they were feeling excited for us.


When we got to Darwin, we went to the Mulch Pit Community Garden at Nightcliff Church. The garden looks good. We met some of the gardeners and Costa Georgiadis. We saw lots of chickens in that garden.We were learning from Costa about  new  competition garden at the Festival tomorrow. Costa  is a good  happy man. We were  happy about meeting Costa because he is funny, he said he rubs compost soil into his beard everyday!



After that, we  buy lots of things and food at Casuarina shopping  centre.  We buy some  DVDs for watching at night time.   Then we go to food shop then we buy  food for us kids and coffee for Wendy. We ate dinner at Casuarina. We are so happy to be in Darwin. We were so  happy  to see swimming pool at our hotel and Costa’s new garden.

And now we are so tired, but we dont want to go to sleep because we are too excited!


By Sylvia Gemiyala Garawirrtja


We all love Hip Hop dancing


Yesterday  me    and   my   class   went  to  the  hop hip  crew  then   danced with them.

My favourite bit was joining in and learning new stuff about dancing. Afro Boy was teaching the boys and he did some Yolngu hip hop. We think he is a bit crazy and fun!

On Friday, there is a concert at the basketball court. I will be dancing and my family will come and see me.

By Samuel


On Tuesday, the hop hip crew were danceing  in the middle of the basketball and the one hairyguy was doing flips then we want to the garden and the hairyguy is from brazil by

Today   I   see   a  kids doing dancing with the hip hop crew. The Sheppy kids have good skills at dancing because they always dance at the basketball court. I am too shy for dancing but this week I am joining in because the hip hop crew make me feel brave and they teach us to have no shame!

By Gerad


Yesterday  kids  were  dancing  on the basketball court. t

The kids were brave when the  kids dancing with the hiphop crew.

I was feeling proud of myself  and  my friends baceuse we looked  great  when danced together.

By Joanne

Hip Hop dance


on yesterday ellemor kids was danceing with hip hop people.  the kids was happy to danceing with Afro girl. lot’s of kds danceing with hip hop. the kids was haveing are fun with afro boy and girl.  then secondary kids came to dance. then ellemor kids came back to calss room. By KellieDSCN1310

Bush Medicine Walk


Today we went to get some bush medicine at Dhambala road with Ewen and the Yalu ladies.

Some ladies were collecting bardarr and mudiri and mundjutj leaves.

It was fun because we went on a morning trip and I like learning outside.

Then we went back to school and the ladies cooked the leaves so we will drink to make us healthy.DSCN1231 DSCN1234
DSCN1237 DSCN1227

By Serina