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picking up rubbish at school


Today we was picking the rubbish at school. If you can  help  you can get a yellow football from Wendy. If you like to picking up rubbish and helping make our school clean, you can also get a certificate with Wendy. I was helping all my friends and I like making our school clean.

by Sylvia GemiyalaDSC02292

Packing up the tents, moving on


DSCN1621 DSCN1623

The emergency helpers are taking down the tents.

The people who were staying in the tents went to their new houses and they have new furniture and washing machines in their houses. They have new kitchens and kitchen things and they have  new toilets too!

Me and my little family  went to the new houses to have a look.  They have 3  bed rooms and they are really flash.

The cyclone went to Milingimbi  too and it went down to  the Maningrida. But now everything  is finally getting fixed up and the community is very happy for that. Now we can have the oval back for football and water the very dead grass too.

By Vanessa Dhurrkay

Wendy’s sick day off


Yesterday Wendy  was  sick. Me and my class went to other classes.

I went to  Ellemor 1 and we  were  having a good time.  

We had free time and  we played with ipads.

I was feeling sorry for Wendy.

But today she is back at school in our class because she was missing us and feeling sorry for us!

I am happy that she is back.

  by Samuel   Duwang

Working in Carol’s class


Yesterday, Wendy was not here because she was very very sick at her home.

Then we all went to the other classes. We were having fun in the other classes. We went to Ellemor 1 and 2.


I went to Ellemor 1, Carol’s class and we were having freetime! Carol is a friendly lady and she was kind to all of us Ellemor 8 kids.


By Sylvia

The Assembly


This morning Liz (our principal) told us at the assembly that if we keep throwing icypole sticks and wrappers on the ground she will shut down the canteen because there’s a lot of rubbish at school and it makes it harder for Jacob and the yardsmen.

I just hope that all the kids got the message because almost everything in the canteen is made out of plastic. The rubbish is becoming a big problem but I understand that if we want icypoles we have to put all our plastic in the rubbish bins so that is a win for all the teachers and a win for us kids.

By Faith Stevens Djomula

Today lots of kids were stealing the clamps



Today  lots  of  kids  were stealing  the  clamps from our irrigation at lunchtime.  Then  we  were  going to ask them for clamps.  Ewen, Tony, the Secondary kids and the Rangers did that irrigation for us.

We was  going to ask because  Western and Williams  stole them and we were feeling angry at first, then sad about our garden getting broken.

We went to their assembly so that everyone  could  get the  same story and help us  to fix  the problem straight away.

The Garden is for all kids  so we all need to look after it and show respect just like in the classroom.

By Joanne

Today  we went to the garden there was kids from Western and Williams and some from Ellemor they stole clamps from the garden. They were following the Secondary boys. We were very sad for our garden.Then we went to Ellemor classes to tell them to give back our clamps. Then we went to Western Assembly to tell them to give back the clamps. Then We was very sad .  

By Serina

Today some of the kids were stealing some  50 clamps then Wendy was upset. Wendy want to Ellemor 5

and said the garden is for everyone, but you cant go there and steal things at lunchtime.

By Merril

We look for the black things from garden. We liked doing  that to fix our garden but we don’t like the  kids was steal the black things in garden.

At lunch time we were playing tiptip and we saw the  naughty  kids. So we run to the  garden all the kids was run away in the garden.  They were they look like the little kids and they went there for getting off the black things.

Ewen was help  Ellemor eight so it is sad that all the kids was stealing the black things and then they give out to all the kids.  by Vanessa


1. At lunch time lots of  kids go to our garden and stealing our clamps and throwing a rocks at the chickens.

2. They were following the secondary boys who always do the damaging, it was Ellemor kids and some Williams and Western.

3. Ellemor eight kids was sad because lots of boys killing four chickens last time and we scared they will do it again.

4. Wendy got new dog, kids you have to see Wendy’s dog you have to leave alone or we will tell the police for her.

By Sylvia