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Western 1 learns lots of things with us


   Today  our  Garden   is   looking    better.


I  like to plant the  sunflowers and   lemongrass.  New   seeds  are     growing up.  After lunch  we   have  Adam Bester  to help make a   new garden area. Adam is good at building so we are feeling good that we get to work with Adam



Western 1  were  planting for their new  Garden  family.  We are happy when we are working with the little kids. We like it when they visit fir a surprise, we are always happy when they come and visit us and we like to visit them too.


We showed them how to cut the feathers on the chickens and they liked our new chickens.


By Gerad

Getting ready for sports day



Yesterday  we was learning about high jump with Adam Bester it was easy to do when we did the scissor kick, but it was harder to jump backwards. Scott jumped the highest because he is springy.


discus Then we were learning about discus. It was easy to throw and Scott won again because he has too much energy. Last we were throwing the shot put. It was a bit harder because it is too heavy. Serina won that time and she was feeling happy.

We have a good time with Adam Bester and we like him being our sport teacher. Sometimes he will do other things like building the chickens yard.

By Sylvia


The best thing that happened to me this year


  DSC02322 DSC02371 DSC02372

Last term I got chosen to go to Sydney with the Cathy Freeman foundation. I loved that I had a chance and took it. I got to meet different people and meet all the other kids that got chosen to go to Sydney. I loved Sydney and hope to see all the people I met there again.  When I came back my life changed and made me think ‘why don’t I choose to become a runner just like Cathy Freeman?’ So I made running my natural goal and focus.


The Cathy Freeman foundation  came back at the end of term two hand out prizes again. The whole school had an assembly on the 19th of June, the last day of school before the Bush Holiday. Jamie, who is the boss for the Cathy Freeman Foundation came back and it was really good to see him and also shoe him that we are still working well.


We will get the Cathy Freeman awards again this term. We are recording our attendance, attitude and academic achievement on our new chart in our classroom so we can all keep track of our own progress. 

By Faith Djomula Harriet Agnes Malkuwili Stevens

Chickens at Gapuwiyak


DSC02494I have chickens in  Gapuwiyak and I ad lots of fun playing with them.

Me and my lil sister went to the chickens and  we were  collecting the chook’s eggs.

I felt happy when I came to Shepherdson and saw that there are chooks here too!

On the holiday I went fishing and got two fish.

On holiday I did fun things and we got lot’s of shells. I went to Dhayirri and we find lot’s of turtle eggs.

By Shera



My Brother’s Baby Boy


Last Sunday, my  brother Aaron’s girlfriend had a son ! He looks like me and also Adam and Junior. He has the same nose as my brother Scotty. This is my brother Adam holding the baby.


That baby  loved to see a cow and the cow said to my brother ‘Moo’! The baby was crying because the cow said  ‘moo moo moo moo moo!!’ Then the baby didnt like the cow anymore