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Why the garden looks better now


Why the garden looks better


Because   we make a snake garden from  Samson’s design, the snake garden looks  better. The snake garden is covered with vegetables and flowers and the garden makes our vegetables grow better.


It is easier to  walk in the snake garden with no  fences. The whole new garden is designed by us kids.



By Sylvia  Gemiyala

By Shera Hall and Evony











My best friend Evony and I  went to the garden and we were taking photos of the garden.

Then we went back to class room. When we came back from the  garden we deleted our photos by mistake!


So we came back to the garden, and took more photos. That was taking too long to get back to the class room.

After a long time we got back and we were helping each other to make a blog because Ellemor 8 is teaching Ellemor 5.


Walter finished his work early and he helped Serina, Tiyrel and Rickea make everyone some snacks. That made us happy.

By Shera and Evony

shopping day at Darwin


 I went for sport at the oval then I went to the shopping we bought food and drinks with my grandma and her baby.                                                                                                                                      

I went to Darwin for shopping and we went to wave pool and we saw Jessica Mauboy.

Then we went to zoo to see animal like birds and rabbits and crocodile and  other animal because the zoo was an amazing place.

By Ruth


Shakira in the Garden



Today I went to the garden and I was exploring around looking for an area to have a photo.

I choose the little walk way gate. I had three photos in the garden.


Faith took the photos of me in the garden. I am posing near the marigolds with the pergola behind me. I like the pergola because it has shade.


I like posing with the baby cucumber because it is very cute. I enjoyed my time in the garden.

By Shakira and help from Faith

Sarah saves a chicken



This  is   my   favourite   pretty garden   because its  make me  happy  and  fun.  

We  were  showing  off    and   we  were    excited   because  and  I    saw   some chickens  making  are  noise   and  I   was  running  to the  chicken house!   They were noisy because I think they were laying an egg, but it was on the outside of the cage! Maybe it was flying  over the  fence! I  take  that one  chicken and I put it back  in the chicken yard, then and  I went  to  the  class and I didnt tell anyone.

  by  Sarah  Gonrikanhawuy