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Sue is good


Sue is the best School Nurse  in Shepherdson  College and  we  love Sue because   she  is  excellent. She works for Miwatj Health as well and also the school.

She talks kindly to all Yolngu kids and she is gentle when she is fixing my sores. 


She gives us vitamin C tablets to eat and I have mine with the water because its very sweet and chewy. 

I want to be a nurse like Sue when I will grow up.

by Rico

Tatiyana Garrawulyun



Yesterday we went to garden for working. Me and Scotty were working in the wet season drain area. Me and Scotty  were pulling the weeds and Gerad got a black wheelbarrow to put the weeds to the wheelbarrow. Then I throw the weeds to the chook house so  chicken  can eat the weeds. Some weeds I throw to the bush and then we eat our lunch in the garden.

 After lunch Wendy said to Serina ‘you can go and get some eggs’ so Serina and me go to garden to get some eggs. But there were only 2 eggs in the chook house because we already got the others in the morning. After that Serina and me were work in the wood chips. Me and Serina did one wood chips just for fun then went back to class.  By Tatiyana.

Syrian Refugees


People are now starting to help people in Syria. On the internet, there is a video clip about Syria people and their poor defenseless children.

After the little baby died on Turkey beach people started to feel very, very sorry and they are starting to do something about it. The video was called Help is Coming. It is a very sad video and it made us really want to help them. The Australian Government should help get all the Syrina people or just to get the kids to Germany.

If I was the Prime Minister I would organise something between the Governments to help the people and tell them that we hear their calls and there will be an answer. But sadly, I am not the Government or Prime Minister so I don’t have the power. I just hope that our new prime minister will do something or even if the PM does not change anything I just hope he will help or support the poor defenseless Syrian people ( Refugees).

Here is a link to the video;

By Faith .H.D.A Stevens

Bye Bye Chicken


Yesterday we went to the garden and  Walter and I went to the chicken house and we saw chicken nearly getting dead. I moved it to under a banana tree in the shade so the little kids didn’t see it and we went outside. I went to Tiyrel and said ‘one of the chicken is getting dead’ and  when I went to Tiyrel, Walter shouted to me. I went to see Walter and  saw him holding the dead chicken and every body stop working. We made a hole to bury the chicken and we said to the dead chicken ‘thank you for laying eggs’.

Serina Rarrkathawuy 

Yesterday we went to garden and we were working very hard. Then Walter saw a chicken, she was sleeping on the ground, we think maybe someone killed then we think snake bite her. All Ellemor 8 feel very very  sorry.

Kellie Gaypadi

This  is our Chicken and we feel very sorry for our chicken because she lay lots of eggs for our breakfast. Then we make her grave. It not was someone, maybe snake was bite her because we did not see any blood or anything. On Friday we see that snake in the chicken’s  yard. Lot’s of Ellemor 8 kids feel sorry and our teacher too.

Sylvia Gemiyala

Yesterday in The Garden I was collecting the eggs.

Then I saw a dead chicken and I felt sad, I think it died because the snake bit it. There wasn’t any blood and she died peacefully .

by Walter

maggie funny dog


I  saw  Maggie  was  playing with Wendy.

She is a funny dog and she is clever.

By Tiyrel Guyuwa


At the school, Maggie saw the boys in the playground on the weekend and she ran to the boys. She is only little and friendly but they got scared and threw rocks at Maggie. Wendy told them off because Maggie is her puppy and she is like her mum.


By Walter Werril

My Dad Steven



This is an old photo of when my dad was a little boy. He is sitting at the front with a blue and grey tshirt on. He looks just like me and he is a funny and happy man just like me too.

My dad said they didn’t have any computers or phones, they used to play tip-tip and go to the beach. They just had fun and looked after each other.

I know lots of the men in this photo, it was at Williams Block. Tony Dhurrkay is in the middle wearing a red singlet shirt. Can you see Mudutjangal’s uncle

? Or Faith’s Uncle? Or Romie’s dad? or Sarah G’s uncle?

By Scotty Rrama

My Sleepover



On the weekend I had a sleep over with Bella and Madeline Wilson. We played Monopoly (the board game). On Sunday after the big night’s sleep, I stayed there until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

During my stay we played on their wii game and baked biscuits. We played 2 or 3 Monopoly games. We baked lemon and vanilla biscuits. The colours were fuchsia, orange and purple. They were in the oven for 15 mins. When we had a bite out of them they were so tasty we saved some. Later that day we finished our game of Monopoly and they dropped me off to my home where they patted my baby puppies. When they got back they finished our biscuits. It was the greatest sleepover in my whole life I have lived here on Elcho.

By Faith D A H Stevens

PS. I love sleepovers now.