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Special Nightime Job


night chicken 3   

Last night me and Wendy and Rihanna went to school for taking the little white chickens to school because they are flying out of her chook house.

night chicken 2night chicken

We were doing that job at night because they were all sleeping.

Wendy took three of her other old chickens back home and we put the white chickens to their new house. It was a good night and we were happy to be helping do a special job. We also saw this big green happy frog on the step.

When we went to garden this morning before school, we went into the chicken house and we saw the three white chickens and  I saw they laid 2 eggs in the new chicken house!

By Serina

on Monday we went camping to Bible camp


On Monday we went camping in Bible camp with Ellemor 5 and Ellemor8 . We have to  go  swimming and fishing and learning in the bush with Yalu ladies making Rangan.DSC03733DSC03875

The boys were making spears and  we cooking food for all  the ladies and us.

DSC03882  DSC03864 DSC03767

We all happy to go fishing and go to cook food.

Maliku put us to fish and Ewen  was coming back to camp to get all the girl, We were   fishing too.


Scotty was taking photos of us under the water. by Vanessa Dhurrkay

camp to bible camp


When we got at Bible Camp all the girls went to look for oysters and boys went to get spears for hunting.

DSC03710  DSC03706

We went back to the camp and Ewen said to everyone come here and sit here with the Yalu girls. They were talking to us about olden days about what old people do.

In the evening Ellemor eight cook all the food for everyone and some Ellemor 5 kids helped too.

DSC03814 DSC03801 DSC03798 DSC03795

Later boys went to sleep in their big tent and girls too. That day was happy and great camp.

By Serina

from camping


On Monday Ellemor 8 and 5 went to Bible Camp for camping. We went to learn with yolngu ways.

The girls were making a rangan and boys were making a spear. The rangan for oysters and the spear its for killing  the fish or something in the water. Then the boys went to fishing  and girls went for oysters and I got lots of oysters. The boys  kill a big fish. First they cut the fish then boys cook the fish after that we eat the fish.


At night we went for sleep I was sleeping with lots of girls in the tents they were too noisy at girls tents!


Next day I saw lots of shells, its nice colours with me.


Thank you yalu ladies for teaching me.

DSC03839 DSC03831

BY Tatiyana

rain time in garden.



Today we are doing weeding and fed the chickens and having fun with rain. The first rain make as very happy. We were planting marigolds too.

DSCN2031 DSCN2013 DSCN2426

After that we came back to class and we have free-time and making bread and eggs. I like to cook our fresh eggs for everyone.

After that we are having the assembly in our class and showing a play to everyone. I am in the play and it is exciting to be in the play.

By Gerad Gumbalkurra

Shopping for Camping


On Thursday we went with Ewen to the shop and we bought some food for the camp at Bible Camp next week.

We bought chow mein and fried rice ingredients, it was exciting and fun  to going up to the shop. When we went up the shop there was lots of kids not coming to school. We said they should go to school and then they can come on our camp too.


Then we went back to school and us 4 kids went back to Ellemor Eight. Ewen got the food so we going to Bible Camp it will great day and happy time.

On Friday we had a practice of cooking the chow mein in the classroom so we will be cooking it ourselves on the camp. It was so yummy and fresh.

DSCN2475 DSCN2480

By Serina, Samson and Walter and Scott