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Year 6 Graduation


Graduation for the Year 6 students is coming up and I’ve invited my Nana, my Mum and my Grandad.

Graduation is on the 3rd of December and I cant wait because I’ve waited forever for this day. I am going to graduate into year 7 and I am getting a short fashionable dress. Here are some of the kids who have graduated before at their special dinners and I want to look as beautiful as they did.

This is Samson’s parents and his big brother in 2011 and its so exciting that now it will be Samson’s turn! And here is me (in the pink dress) and Anthia, when we were still dreaming of graduating one day…



P1040703 P1040758 

I’ve watched all my friends move into secondary and now I will be moving up too. I will miss being in Primary because I have such great memories.

Walking on the secondary deck has kind of been a dream of mine but I don’t think it will be as impressive when I walk on it. But still, I really cant wait until the day comes. 

I am very excited to be graduating into secondary but I hope I will still be gardening.

By Faith 

planting the mulblerries tree-Sylvia


Today we went to playgroup and  we plant them lots of mulberry trees.


We put a circle of the sugar cane mulch around each tree and also on their other plants like passionfruit and flowers.

DSCN2882 DSCN2853

It was very fast to work, because we work in a team. They asked us to help because we got lots of knowledge about garden.  We like to put plants in playgroup.


After that we went to Noella, and Noella give us iceblock, then we take our photo of the  playgroup mums and babies and us and Noella. After that we went back to Ellemor Block and we were feeling happy and very proud.

By Sylvia Gemiyala

Today we were going to playgroup


Today we went to FaFT we were making them a beautiful garden. In the front of their Garden we put a plant and we put water on it.

The plant we were puting was mulberries and banana. We told the little kids how to look after the plants and how to make fruits grown up.

Noella gave us a ice cups to say thankoyu and we all went back to class.  BY MAHALiA GURRUWiWi


Today we were having are good day with playgroup then  we were going to the garden for the cleaning up.

We were having a good day at the playgroup and we put some new plants in the playgroup.

Mahaliah and I went to the gardento the clean up our garden by ourselves and we took the wheelbarrows and the tools back.

By Joanne

Styling up with Nic and Gerad


Today Nic drove me to school we kicked football before class.                                                                                  DSCN2897 DSCN2896

Then I went to see Gerard and he gave me the best hair cut of all time! Gerard is a great hair dresser. Esther said my haircut looked awesome!

Then I dressed up as ironman and it was  so much fun!

By Elijah Guyapi

Gardening at FAFT


Today we went to FAFT and we helped make them with their garden because we are the garden experts. So eveyone is saying to garden gang help us do our garden!


Theresa asked if a special team of maybe 5 kids will go to her house on Friday and help her and she will give us a prize for helping her. That makes us feel proud of our work.

By Viveca

Fun run at ALPA


Last Friday  they where having a great  fun run. It started next to ALPA and everyone was having a great time.

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All the people in the community went and I see Dave Dunlop and his girlfriend she went running fast!

All the old ladies where happy to be heathy and fun because they where good runners. I see one lady was doing happy dancing and one boy was running so fast.

Robert Decastella, I see  him he run slow all the way start  from ALPA  and around the community.                                

by  VanessaDhurrkay

Kaye teaches Travis



Kaye and Travis came to our class and they read a book about a big crocodile.

Kaye was reading and Travis was making the signs called AUSLAN.DSC03886

Then they finish and we say “do it again” because it was really good and we were feeling really proud and happy with Travis. He is good for AUSLAN. And he can’t talk with his mouth but he can talk with his hands. 

Thankyou Kaye and Travis. By Tiyrel and Ellemor 8 kids