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My Christmas



This is me Faith. My birthday is in 2 weeks I will be turning 12. I can’t wait. Almost a teenager.  I had a merry christmas today will all my family. I love my christmas. Its was a real good day to spend with family.


This is my auntie. She dressed up and she came over. All my cousin for gapuwiyak came here to celebrate Christmas. It was a big blast everyone had fun and there was lots of food.


There was more people than that they all just left. What a merry christmas I had today. My Christmas presents were a recharge of 30dollars and a water gun. And I had good fun with it.


My family and I had a big Christmas bash. I helped out make the food. Almost everyone dressed up for christmas. I lovw this Christmas. The weather was perfect.  The wind was cool and nice. We did alot of cooking.

By Faith Stevens

my awesome cousin



Today my cousin Molly put make up and curled my hair. This was my first time getting my hair curled. She made me look pretty.


This is my cousin Molly. I love my cousin. She is a really great hair dresser and a really good person. She has the most nice personality. And she staying here for Christmas so this is officially the best Christmas ever. I’ll keep you all updated. My cousin Molly is my favorite cousin.

By Faith Stevens


Being a waiter at the Graduation


At the graduation dinner, the tables and all the decorations made by Ellemor kids and the FaFT ladies and Edi were so beautiful. Carol helped her kids to make beautiful flowers and also to put real flowers that they got from the garden on the tables. Ses and his class made a really flash banner with all of the Graduating kid’s photos on it. Caitlin’s class made a banner too and they made some more table cloths and helped to stick them on. It was so nice that all the classes and the FaFT mummies were helping us to get the Graduation ready.

DSC04437 DSC04439

At nightime, I was serving the people some food and some treats. They felt excited about the food and I felt proud to be doing that job. Some grade 5s from the other Ellemor classes were helping too and they were really good at that job.

DSC04441  DSC04474 DSC04479 DSC04480

Nic was helping too, he was working at the door and checking to see if the people had an invitation.


Then we started the speeches then we started giving the awards. All the kids from Ellemor 8 made speeches and they were really brave! Their families loved to see them speak like that.

After the awards, they went home and we helped Wendy to clean up. Lots of other teachers like Tony, Caitlin, Carol and Noella were staying behind and helping too. Everyone was so happy to work in a team.



It was an amazing night!

By Rico M

Serina’s Special Night


Last Thursday night, it was the year 6 Graduation Dinner. It was a happy night.

I invited my Mum and Millie my sister. They were feeling so proud to come and celebrate with me. We were all dressed up and Tatiyana and Nicole were looking pretty too.

DSC04444 DSC04456 DSC04468

The best part of the night was making a speech to all the guests. I was feeling nervous, but I still got up and made the speech. I talked about the garden and chickens going to Secondary next year.

Thank-you Pet for the food, it was great and everyone loved it.

By Serina


Samson’s Graduation Speech


Hi, my name is Samson Baker.

Firstly I’d like to thank Wendy for calming me down when I was fighting this year and teaching me about staying happy and safe at school.

sam sam2

I’d like to thank my mum and dad for coming to the graduation tonight. You always look after me and help me to go to school every day.

And I am little bit sad about leaving Ellemor, because I will miss gardening but I am excited about learning in the secondary music room.

 By Samson

Flash suits and happy families


Last Thursday, I came to the Graduation dinner with my Mum and my Dad. We were all dressed up and I was wearing a suit and tie that my family bought from Townsville. Samson had a suit and tie too, and Scotty was wearing all black with light brown boots.DSC04442






We all felt really good to celebrate together and also celebrate for all the year 6 kids from Ellemor 8 and Ellemor 2.

The best thing was getting my award because I felt proud.

It was an amazing night.

By Walter