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Hello Everyone!

This is the ‘Runaway Boys Gang’, but today we stayed in the class all day and we came back on time after lunch.

We are feeling good and happy. We like our class and everybody is being being kind. 

We have done Star of the Week writing, maths and we had sandwiches for lunch. We watched ‘Shaun the Sheep’ when we eat our lunch.

Group 1 and Group 3 all got mango iceblocks, because they got all their points.

Tomorrow, we wont run away and we will stay in the class all day.

By the ‘Good Boys Gang’ (this is our new name).

Aiden, Jericho, Clayton, Selwyn, Jeremiah and Steve

Ciantha in the garden


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In the garden me and my class were working as a group me and Travis and Sharona were working in the chook house. We did everything and we saw some naughty kids trying to kill the chicken and said ‘stop this is our chicken, you should be in your class’ and then we went back to our class.
DSCN3111 DSCN3112

On the next day it was so hot and the garden was very dry and dying so we had a hose party and washed our hair to give the garden water! It was so fun and we love the garden.

by Scotty and Travis, Ciantha and Sharona

Thanks Teachers!


This is Jiminga, Tony and Noella, and they are all on the Garden Committee. Today (Sunday) they came to school to do some big jobs. I am really lucky to work with these generous people, and they all like to help kids keep their garden growing.

We pruned two of the mulberry trees, watered everything, pulled out lots of weeds and trimmed the lemongrass to use it for mulch. It was really hot, so we all had a mango ice-block when we finished.


Now the little kids can pull out the lemongrass to split it up and take some home for their own gardens! Thanks helpers!

By Wendy

My name is Lilly


My name is Lilly and I school at Ellemor two and my teachers are Wendy and Yurranydjil.

Serina came to  our classroom for reading and last week we went to the garden and we were looking at the chickens and we saw  the garden- it was jungle!

Later, I was dressing up with all blue and there were Ellemor 5 here too. That’s Emanuel’s class.















Today big kids came here for reading and we did blogging. Serina was helping me and she is my family.


Look what we found!


On Thursday, we went to the garden with Serena and Scotty from Josh’s class. We were looking for lots of things in our beautiful garden.



We have some pawpaws growing.

We use loofahs to wash our body.


Beautiful zinnias are growing.


We have lots of lemongrass.


Here is a banana flower. We are excited about getting some sweet bananas.

This garden is filled with LOVE!!

Thanks for helping us Scotty and Serena and all of Josh’s class.

By Lilly, Louise, Monica, Adelthia and Kira