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Congratulations Girls!



Congratulations to this gang of gorgeous girls; Kenisha, Adelthia, Lillian, Elizabeth, Ciantha and Sharona.

You have done really well so far this year, you’ve had excellent attendance, behaviour and you all work very hard. 

Ellemor 2 and your families are very proud of you, and so am I!


Cathy Freeman Day


DSC05460  DSC05486

Today everyone went to the basketball court to get reward from the Cathy Freeman Foundation. Our families were coming to see Cathy Freeman.

We were sitting with our friends and hugging and being happy.


Evelyna was speaking to all the kids about coming to school everyday.


Evelyna’s baby (Tila, wearing the pink shirt) was so proud of her.


Cathy Freeman was clapping for kids.


This is pre-school and these kids were coming everyday.




After the awards, we went to the garden and we pick flowers. Then we put them in the jars to decorate the tables for the year 12 Graduation.

DSCN3824  DSCN3829

Some other kids were having free time. Ciantha and Sharona were pretending to talk for Cathy Freeman.

By Adelthia and Kira

Happy Birthday Caitlin and Nikita


On Saturday it will be Caitlin and Nikita’s birthdays, but that will be the first day of school holidays.



So….we had a dress up party today. Ellemor 2 made some big cakes and invited all of Ellemor 5 to join us.


Everyone was so happy, and it was so much fun.

After dancing, we ate the big cakes and went home feeling happy.

By Ellemor 2

Cathy Freeman Trip coming up…


Sharona  and   Kenisha   and Ciantha  are trying out for going  to  Sydney  for  seeing  Cathy  Freeman. They are writing story about themselves and they are reading it to the Eric Principal and Evelyna.

They   work   very  good   and they  listening  for  Wendy.  They  going  every  day  to   school they  work really  good at  class  room. That is why Wendy say they can try and go on that trip.

Ellemor 2 is so happy  and we so proud for them because they so brave and we say good luck for reading and we hope you can go to Sydney.

By Delilah

Selwyn’s Secateurs



Today, I was cutting the banana trees with big secateurs because some were broken from the wind. Also, one of them had bananas and I chopped them off. Some had yellow leaves and I chopped them off. I was being a good worker. Clayton and Steve were helping me because the trees were big.

The other kids were pulling weeds and feeding the chickens.


After lunch, we went to class and we were reading books. Some of the girls were making banana cake and it smells good! When it is ready we will all eat it.

I am having a good day.

By Selwyn.

Happy Easter from Ellemor 2


On Wednesday, we made Hot Cross Buns in our classroom.


Kids had to measure ingredients carefully, knead the dough and be patient while we waited for the dough to rise.


Then they had to think carefully about how to divide the dough into equal 16ths.

The buns were really yummy and worth the effort!

On Thursday, we used natural dyes to make some colourful Easter Eggs. We used fresh eggs from our Garden.

We used tumeric to make yellow, red and brown onions skins to make dark chocolate brown, tea to make light brown and red cabbage to make pink. We added vinegar to the water to help the dye to stick to the eggs. 


We put stickers on some, and leaves and flowers on others to make beautiful patterns. We wrapped them in thin material so the dye could still get through. 


They looked so great and and by using only natural ingredients, we were still able to eat the eggs after we had enjoyed looking at them!

Later, Easter Bunny visited Ellemor 2 class. All the kids were outside playing at lunchtime, so he snuck in and filled up their Easter Baskets!DSC05308

When everyone came back inside there was a lot of squealing, and everyone was very excited to see their baskets full of chocolate eggs!


Easter Bunny left some extra eggs behind. So all the kids decided to make more baskets, then chose an adult working at the school to deliver some chocolate eggs to. It was a great way to make sure everyone got their Fair Share, and for us to say thankyou to all the teachers, canteen workers, office staff and Assistant Teachers who have helped us out this year in our classroom or the Garden. 

What a great couple of days!

Happy Easter everyone!

By Ellemor 2



We went for drive in the bus on Friday and we saw a Mayawa (Frill-necked lizard) sitting in the middle of the road.

David Freier was driving the bus and he can catch snakes. David chased the lizard and he caught it. The lizard had a broken foot and a broken tail and maybe a car did run over it so David will look after it.

All the kids were really feeling excited and yelling and we calling David Freier a ranger man.

By Aiden

Elizabeth’s Bananas



I saw bananas at Elizabeth’s house and I go to see the banana’s  looking beautiful. Elizabeth and her family love their garden and they are always sitting outside. All the kids from Elizabeth’s house like to play bat-bat on the sand together.


I got bananas to take home too because it’s rain season so our bananas can grow.

Our teacher Wendy gave us the bananas at home time, she drops them at our house in her car. She is the best teacher in the school and she is the garden teacher too.

She also love to take kids to the garden and feed the chickens every day. She also love the chickens because the chickens lays eggs and make the soil good.

By Kenisha and Elizabeth