Cathy Freeman Trip coming up…


Sharona  and   Kenisha   and Ciantha  are trying out for going  to  Sydney  for  seeing  Cathy  Freeman. They are writing story about themselves and they are reading it to the Eric Principal and Evelyna.

They   work   very  good   and they  listening  for  Wendy.  They  going  every  day  to   school they  work really  good at  class  room. That is why Wendy say they can try and go on that trip.

Ellemor 2 is so happy  and we so proud for them because they so brave and we say good luck for reading and we hope you can go to Sydney.

By Delilah

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  1. It is great to see you girls doing such wonderful work. I was delighted to read your message Delilah – well done. It is good to see you all continuing on with your goos learning. Marion

  2. Congratulations, girls on your hard work and your writing for the blog. I hope you get to meet Cathy Freeman. Good luck! janis

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