Ellemor 1 Teamwork


Today, Ellemor 1 was chopping the trees. We cut down the palm tree because it had bugs in it. Also, it didn’t give us fruit or shade and its roots were going everywhere and stopping the new plants, so we didn’t need it.

The whole class was working hard and showing teamwork. Wendy talked about all the jobs we were going to do and we were choosing which ones we wanted to do. We also thought of new jobs when we got to the garden. 


I was getting the vegetables and dead leaves and putting them

 in the compost bin. Then I was mixing it. The boys get the big loppers and chop the ugly bush. The girls were chopping the trees into little pieces. Djinangbuy and Wendy were helping too. 

Click on the Djambarrpuyngu page to read all our stories. 

Everyone was feeling good and smiling. After that, we put all the tools in the cupboard and had iceblocks! It was amazing.

By Ciantha and Ellemor 1 class.

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  1. Looking great it so nice to look out the canteen now and see all the kids and Wendy,other teachers doing such a great job in the garden keep up the great work 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying seeing the luscious green transformation happening already so Congratulations to your fabulous efforts Ellemor 1.

  3. Dhapirrk! True God. The front of the school is looking loved again and it feels really good to sit down there in the mornings and have a cup of coffee. It’s the first part of the school most people see as they’re arriving and first impressions are important. So – Thanks for all the hard work you have been doing down there to improve our school and make it look like we are proud of our school gardens. Also fantastic to see your comments translated into Djambarrpuyŋu! Emanuel.

  4. What a lot of work you have done! I wish I could visit the garden now. It must look fantastic ! You really deserved those ice blocks. Well done! Janis

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