This year, Ellemor 8 are the leaders in the Garden. Wendy is our classroom teacher now but we still go to the garden everyday! We also like to take other kids with us to the garden to show them new things.

We are mostly in year 6, and some kids are in year 5, so we are all 10, 11 or 12 years old.

We love working as a team in the garden, in our classroom and also when we play at lunchtime. Our class feels happy, strong, safe and smart when we work together. 



We are Ellemor 5 class! We are a Year 5/6 class.

Some of the kids from Ellemor 8 last year have moved up to Secondary. Some of them are in Ellemor 5, but we also have new kids who are learning about blogging and sharing their yield.

Our Classroom Teachers are Bec and Roberta. They help us with all of our work and also learning to read and write in our own language.

We are still working with Wendy for learning about English and Science and working in the Garden at the back of the school as well as the new Garden at the front.

Ellemor 5 is a happy and hard working class. We like working as a team and supporting each other and being friendly. We believe the three ethics of Permaculture are good rules to live our lives by; Fair Share, People Care and Earth Care.

Enjoy our blog and please leave a comment for us.

2014 News:

The Chooky Dancers have changed their name to Djuki Mala and are going on tour!

Read about these amazing dancers and other information about Galiwin’ku and Yolngu people below.




We are Ellemor 8 class. We are in grade 5 and 6  at Shepherdson College.

Our Class loves to work in our school Garden. We learn about making compost and improving the soil. All the Primary kids have fun learning in the Garden.

We like learning about Permaculture too. Charlie Mgee and the Formidable Sound System have made a fun folk song called ‘Yield’. Its all about the Principle of getting a return for the effort you put in. We love this song and learning about the message in the lyrics.

Here is the link to the song ‘Yield’


And here is a link to the Formidable Vegetable Sound System’s Facebook page


We live on Elcho Island in the Northern Territory. Elcho Island is in North East Arnhem Land, the Traditional Country of Yolngu people. Yolngu speak lots of different languages but the two main ones we speak on Elcho Island are Djambarrpuyngu and Gupapuyngu.

Our Community is called Galiwin’ku. About 2000 people live in Galiwin’ku, and 200 live in 12 outstations on the island. We all have family in other communities, so sometimes we go and live with them for a visit, or a ceremony.

Because we live on an island, we have to catch a plane whenever we want to go to another place.

Our Community is very beautiful.

Lots of very talented people are from Elcho Island like Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and the Chooky Dancers!

Everyone loves to play footy on Elcho Island.

And Basketball…

But most of all, we like to go hunting and fishing!

Lots of Yolngu are very good at making beautiful traditional art.

Last year, we entered a competition when we were just starting our Garden and we won! If we are lucky enough to win this year, we want to buy a pizza oven.

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  1. hi our names are jasper and jarrad and beck hunter came to our school. we live in Yarrawonga and it is right down the bottom of Australia. when Bec was leaving she told us how much fun it is up there and how interesting your culture is.

  2. Hi Ellemor 8. I am Miss Esther’s daughter – she is a teacher at your school. I love your blog! Your garden is gorgeous, you must be very proud. And you live on such a beautiful island. I went there to visit once and loved it!
    I live in America now. I work at Pennsylvania State University and study lizards (I know you have lots of those in the Northern Territory) and other creatures. If you want to see what my students and I do, you can read my lab blog: http://thelizardlog.wordpress.com
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Ellemor 8, we’re the students at Gurrumala Homeland. We think your blog is fun. We like it so much we want to copy your idea. Is it ok if we make our own blog?

    • Greetings Gurrumala! I am so glad you enjoy reading the Ellemor 8 blog. Thanks for your comment. I think it you be wonderful if you made a blog too. We’d love to read your blog. Let’s keep in touch. Regards, Janis (Ellemor 8 Class Teacher)

  4. Wow, this looks so great! I live in Finland and many schools have gardens (for the months when there is no snow!!) or go collecting mushrooms and berries in the forest in autumn. It looks like you have very different plants to us! Everything looks like it is growing so well there, you must all be wonderful gardeners! Well done!

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