Sarah Gayirrirrngu

Sarah is a kind and helpful person. Sarsh likes to go to school everyday to learn. She loves Ellemor 5 kids. Sarah is smart and loves to read. From Zoey

Sarah G is supportive of other kids.

Sarah is a kind and respectful student. She is good at basketball. Sometimes she plays volleyball and football. She is famous on our blog and our movie. She comes to school every day. She is a healthy girl. From Jermaine

Sarah is smart and knows how to use our blog. She is smart at spelling. She is also good at reading and working independently. From Shane

Rachel Burrburrmawuy

Rachel is supportive and kind to others because she always works hard and works independently and reads quietly. She is good at Basketball. She is respectful and brave. She is healthy and strong. From Jermaine Yumburri

Rachel is good at spelling. This makes Ellemor 5 happy with Rachel. Rachel is good at reading because we listen to her read. Rachel is also good at writing. From Shanarsha Manydjilnga

Rachel is tidy because she cleans Ellemor 5. Rachel is friendly to Ellemor 5 students. Rachel loves to play Basketball and Football. Rachel loves Ellemor 5. From Eathan Minyingu 

Zoey Banbinawuy


Zoey is good because she has interests. She uses pinteressts to record her interests. From Peter Murrpanawuy

Zoey is a good persosn. She helps people and is also brave and nice to people. She is a very interesting girl. She is also an independent and hard worker. From Faith Stevens.

Zoey is a smart girl because she is always supportive and helpful in the classroom. She is also always works hard and works  independently. She is good at Basketball and is sometimes good at Football and Volleyball.  She is sporty and is a good girl at school. From Jermaine Yumburri

Zoey is happy and she goes to school Monday to Friday. From Scott Rrama

Zoey is a good girl at school. She is also nice, smiley and brave. She is also helpful too. From David Djunuggu

Zoey is a good reader. Zoey is good at spelling. From Sarah Gayurrurrngu

Zoey is a good helper. Zoey is fun. Zoey is good at reading. From Simon Atu

Zoey is a good girl at school. From Vanessa Gulthaminy

Zoey is good at reading. Zoey is kind to people at school. She is good at reading. From Rachel Burrburrmawuy


Shaniel Yemalnga


Shaniel Yemalnga is good at Pinterest. 

Shaniel is good at working independently. Shaniel is kind at school. Shaniel is good at reading.

Shaniel is a good girl and is friends with everyone. From Joanne Retjal

Shaniel is friendly in Ellemor 5 and she is smart. She is a good girl because she makes us happy. Zoey Banbinawuy

Shaniel is friendly to everyone in Ellemor 5. From Rico Malmalka

Shaniel is good at reading. She is a good girl. She is happy. From Sarah Muluwurruwuy 

Eathan Minyingu


Eathan is a helpful man. From Peter Murrpanawuy

Eathan is a smart boy in Ellemor 5 and when he is a good boy he makes us happy.

Eathan is a kind helpful boy that we all should respect. He is confident in what he does. Eathan is a deadly, rockin and he is cool boy. He is very friendly. From Faith Stevens.

Eathan is the best at reading. From Sarah Muluwurruy

Eathan is a happy and very suuportive and kind friend. He likes the classroom to be tidy. From Scott Rrama

Eathan is good at reading. Shanarsha Manydjilnga

Eathan is a good boy because he loves to read.

Eathan is a happy and kind boy. From Joanne Retjal

Eathan is a good leader.

Eathan is in Ellemor 5. He is a smart boy because  he makes  good artwork. From Zoey Banbinawuy and David Djununggu.

Simon Atu Marrpalami

Simon is respectful.

Simon is good at spelling because he help us.

Simon is a brave, nice and is helpful. He is a teamworker. From Faith

Simon is good at spelling because he help us.

Simon is a good boy and he always is supportive. He is a good listener. From Jermaine.

Simon is a good boy because he is ready quickly. From Rachel

Simon is a good listener and friend. From Jermaine

Simon is a good reader and writter.

Ellemor 5 loves Simon. From Vanessa.

Simon is a perfect boy and always tries his best. he is an intelligent and interesting boy. Simon is a good boy. From Faith Stevens

Simon is a good reader.

Shane Mudutjangal


Shane is a good boy and he is a good helper. From Simon Atu

Shane is a good man and is helpful. He is brilliant. From Peter

Shane is good at footy.

Shane is a good boy and is helpful in the garden. He is a friendly boy. He likes to play football on the grass. From Vanessa

Alisha Burrukamurrwuy


Alisha is good at football.

Alisha is a good friend for everyone in Ellemor 5 and she makes everyone have a wonderful day.

Alisha is a good reader and she is always helping. Alisha is a good friend and she loves her friends. From Sarah G

ALisha is a kind. Alisha is a brave girl. Alisha is a good girl. From Rachel

Nathaniel Dhamarangu has a beautiful smile.

From Alisha Lirrding



Adam Bester is a good teacher and a good role model. From Rico

Adam, you are fun! From Simon Atu

Adam Bester is a good player. From Shaniel

Adam Bester, thank you for orangising the AFL Football team to come here to Galiwin’ku. From Shane

Adam Bester is cool, friendly, strong and has a soft heart. He organised the Footy Day. From Peter

Adam is good at teaching sport and is good teacher of Maths. From Alisha

Adam Bester is always supportive of us. He is strong. From Jermaine

Adam Bester is supportive. From David

Adam is a good boy and Kate is a good girl. Adam is good teacher in ellemor and seconday. From Vanessa



Joshua is a good friend. He is a good teacher. From Alisha Lirrding

Joshua is fun and quiet. He is short. From Anthia

Joshua is a good teacher. From Shaniel

Joshua is supportive and brave. From Peter

Joshua is a good listener. From Zoey

Joshua is a good boy. This is from Rico M

Joshua is always kind. From James

Joshua is a very kind and is always happy. From Kaysha

Joshua is a brave, strong, strong and deadly boy. He shows respect to the children and shows people how to behave. From Faith Stevens

Joshua is always respectful. From Jermaine

Joshuab is good and kind and always happy. From Joanne

Joshua is sporty. From Shane

Joshua is a kindboy and he is brave. From Scotty


Nicholes is a good boy and he is a good helper.

He is good at Blogging.

From Simon Atu



Abby is a kind teacher. She is also a good teacher because she is happy in the classroom.

Abby is a good, interesting and kind teacher.

From Zoey Banbinawuy

Abby is a good teacher.

From Rico Malmalka

Abby is a strong, tall and kind person.

From Alisha Burrukamurruwuy

Abby is a strong, brave, cool, sporty, creative and hard working person.

From Faith Stevens

Abby is strong, tall and an interesting teacher.

From Shaniel Yelmalnga



Jermaine cares about you and will always be by your side

From David Djununggu

Jermaine is the most caring young Yolngu boy I know. He will always help you when you are stuck at something. Jermaine is also great at sport. He is a leader and is very kind.

From Faith Stevens

Jermaine Yumburri is a good boy in the garden.

From Simon Atu

Jermaine is good and supportive. He is also happy. Jermaine is good at the blog.

From Sarah Garawirrtja

Jermaine Yumburri helps people. He is a brave boy for blogging and always helping.

From Shane Mudutjangal

Jermaine is respectful and an independent worker.

From Rico Malmalka

Jermaine is respectful.

From Shaniel Yemalnga

Jermaine is a good teacher. He is good at writing on the blog.

From Alisha Burrukamurruwuy



Bec is the most beautiful young lady ever.  Faith

I like Bec because she is a good teacher and she is the kindest teacher.  Scotty

We think you are good teacher.  Jermaine

I love Bec because she is kind teacher. Sarah G

I like Bec because she is wearing a nice dress and she looks pretty. Anthia

She is my good teacher because we like her because she is not bossy. Vanessa

I like Bec because she is teaching us about Maths and English. Peter

Hi Bec and Mundhu you both looked beautiful. I love your smile. From Alisha

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  1. All Ellemor block give love to Bec and also she very kind teacher and she’s not bossing around and Wendy is kind too. These two Bec and Wendy very kind teacher in the world and also Ellemor 5 love to share their lunchbox. by Sarah G.

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