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Lasagne Girls


We have a problem in our new garden. We do not have the right soil. The soil is dry, light brown, sandy and has no worms. Our pumpkins are little and not growing fast.

We want it to be full of worms, black, wet and full of life. So we looked on the internet and found out about lasagne gardening. This is when you keep putting layers on the garden like a lasagne. We made a poster to share with everyone.


Firstly, you put cardboard on the dirt to block the weeds.

Next you put leaves, paper and other garden scraps.

Then you put food scraps like black bananas, lettuce leaves and old cabbage and tomatoes.

After that, you put compost or manure.

Then you repeat the leaves, food scraps and compost layers. Finally, you put mulch on the top and wait for it all to break down.

When we were making our lasagne gardens, we found lots of good soil in the drain. It got trapped by the roots of the tamarind tree and all the leaves and things had been breaking down and making good soil. We dug it out with a shovel and put in our lasagne gardens because it is free!

We had a good time making our lasagne gardens and we were a happy team.

By Lily, Martha and Summer.


Senior Boys are Back!


We saved the bananas from the old garden because it all got burnt. Nobody was looking after that garden when Wendy was gone.


But now, Wendy is back and gardens are back! We plant the bananas at the new front garden in a circle. We give them water everyday and seasol and now they are green and growing new leaves.

The new garden makes us feel excited and proud. When we work in the garden the little kids come and help us too. We already know about gardening from year 5 all the way through so we are going to learn new things.

When the garden is growing we will ask Richard to build a chicken’s house and get some chickens back to school.

By Shane Mutujangal and Johnson Mayawuku

Selwyn’s Secateurs



Today, I was cutting the banana trees with big secateurs because some were broken from the wind. Also, one of them had bananas and I chopped them off. Some had yellow leaves and I chopped them off. I was being a good worker. Clayton and Steve were helping me because the trees were big.

The other kids were pulling weeds and feeding the chickens.


After lunch, we went to class and we were reading books. Some of the girls were making banana cake and it smells good! When it is ready we will all eat it.

I am having a good day.

By Selwyn.

Elizabeth’s Bananas



I saw bananas at Elizabeth’s house and I go to see the banana’s  looking beautiful. Elizabeth and her family love their garden and they are always sitting outside. All the kids from Elizabeth’s house like to play bat-bat on the sand together.


I got bananas to take home too because it’s rain season so our bananas can grow.

Our teacher Wendy gave us the bananas at home time, she drops them at our house in her car. She is the best teacher in the school and she is the garden teacher too.

She also love to take kids to the garden and feed the chickens every day. She also love the chickens because the chickens lays eggs and make the soil good.

By Kenisha and Elizabeth

Chelsea’s stories


We   see   the    big   bananas at Wendy’s house and    we    love   bananas it was the best bananas. There are five hands coming  out, but we think there will be 10!

banana flower


Last night,   it    was    raining    I was    feeling     frightenend     today   walk  to    school and I got wet.


Chelsea   Atu with help from Samson


The Chicken Gang


These boys from our Tigers class have been helping us with feeding the chickens and looking after them. We have been teaching them how to look after chickens and do that job.  The boys are Merril and Elijah and helping us are Israel, Johnson and Simon.

DSCN3365 DSCN3371

Simon says “I like working with the chickens and getting eggs and getting treats from Wendy.  We get the keys from Tony and go to the garden.  Garden is beautiful we got lots of rain so it is green.  Goodbye.”

Johnson says ” We been getting the eggs.  Sometimes in the box and sometimes we got to look under the bushes.  We got to clean the chicken house with shovel and put the poo in the compost. We want to get more chickens for more eggs.”

Israel says “Looking after chooks is fun.  I like going out of class and doing jobs. We are Tigers class and we got respect for the garden.  Wendy take us down there when we are in Year 6.  We want more jobs around school like cutting grass, plant bananas, and spread the chicken poo around the school to make plants grow. Thats all.”




Today, I  went  to  the   garden   to   put  soil  in   pot   and   also  some   kids   were   pulling  weeds.


The  big  kids  from   secondary were  helping us and showing us what to do. They know everything about gardening! DSCN3354

We were looking at the chickens and waiting for some eggs. They make the good soil for the garden and the bananas grow big.

By Adelthia

Good Black Soil


Everyday, 5 kids from Josh’s class go to Wendy’s class and we help the little kids with blogging, writing stories, reading, maths games and learning new words.

But today, we did gardening! We went today because it has been raining a lot and the soil is wet so the weeds are easy to pull out.

DSCN3353 DSCN3357 DSCN3368

We filled up the pots so that kids can take new plants home. We got the black soil from the chook house because its good soil and full of worms.

Next time, we will plant sunflowers, bananas and mulberries in the pots.

It was lovely to work with the little kids, everyone was working together as a team and the weather was nice and cool.

By Scotty and Serina