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Lasagne Girls


We have a problem in our new garden. We do not have the right soil. The soil is dry, light brown, sandy and has no worms. Our pumpkins are little and not growing fast.

We want it to be full of worms, black, wet and full of life. So we looked on the internet and found out about lasagne gardening. This is when you keep putting layers on the garden like a lasagne. We made a poster to share with everyone.


Firstly, you put cardboard on the dirt to block the weeds.

Next you put leaves, paper and other garden scraps.

Then you put food scraps like black bananas, lettuce leaves and old cabbage and tomatoes.

After that, you put compost or manure.

Then you repeat the leaves, food scraps and compost layers. Finally, you put mulch on the top and wait for it all to break down.

When we were making our lasagne gardens, we found lots of good soil in the drain. It got trapped by the roots of the tamarind tree and all the leaves and things had been breaking down and making good soil. We dug it out with a shovel and put in our lasagne gardens because it is free!

We had a good time making our lasagne gardens and we were a happy team.

By Lily, Martha and Summer.


Story from Galiwin’ku after cyclones


This morning we were watching news about Galiwin’ku.

Now the Galiwin’ku people have new houses and its good time Galiwinku people.

They have new shop its nice with me because i didn’t see before, its the first time I see that new shop. And people feeling happy now because the cyclone went away from Galiwin’kThe Birrk Birrk people have made new bed and they working in teams.

By Tatiyana 

I can’t believe we did it


In week 5 in term 2 we started  designing the garden, but I thought it was so hard and kids couldn’t make the new garden.

DSCN2002 DSCN2004 DSCN2005

But now it is week 5 in term 3 and it is looking beautiful! DSCN2047We have been getting new garden tools and we have been moving woodchips and putting them near the deck.

DSCN2090 DSCN2119


The chickens are feeling good and happy too! I like the chickens and I like to feed them. They are very friendly.


By Walter and Samson

Packing up the tents, moving on


DSCN1621 DSCN1623

The emergency helpers are taking down the tents.

The people who were staying in the tents went to their new houses and they have new furniture and washing machines in their houses. They have new kitchens and kitchen things and they have  new toilets too!

Me and my little family  went to the new houses to have a look.  They have 3  bed rooms and they are really flash.

The cyclone went to Milingimbi  too and it went down to  the Maningrida. But now everything  is finally getting fixed up and the community is very happy for that. Now we can have the oval back for football and water the very dead grass too.

By Vanessa Dhurrkay