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Lasagne Girls


We have a problem in our new garden. We do not have the right soil. The soil is dry, light brown, sandy and has no worms. Our pumpkins are little and not growing fast.

We want it to be full of worms, black, wet and full of life. So we looked on the internet and found out about lasagne gardening. This is when you keep putting layers on the garden like a lasagne. We made a poster to share with everyone.


Firstly, you put cardboard on the dirt to block the weeds.

Next you put leaves, paper and other garden scraps.

Then you put food scraps like black bananas, lettuce leaves and old cabbage and tomatoes.

After that, you put compost or manure.

Then you repeat the leaves, food scraps and compost layers. Finally, you put mulch on the top and wait for it all to break down.

When we were making our lasagne gardens, we found lots of good soil in the drain. It got trapped by the roots of the tamarind tree and all the leaves and things had been breaking down and making good soil. We dug it out with a shovel and put in our lasagne gardens because it is free!

We had a good time making our lasagne gardens and we were a happy team.

By Lily, Martha and Summer.


Willy’s new house and garden


This is my new house. My Grandfather Charlie is very happy for his new house.

DSC05178 DSC05179

My family is so proud of their new garden. Everyone is stopping to say hello and look at our garden.

IMG_2246 (1)

Everyone is making new gardens at their new houses and taking home seeds from school. Galiwin’ku loves gardens!

By Willy and Scotty




Story from Galiwin’ku after cyclones


This morning we were watching news about Galiwin’ku.

Now the Galiwin’ku people have new houses and its good time Galiwinku people.

They have new shop its nice with me because i didn’t see before, its the first time I see that new shop. And people feeling happy now because the cyclone went away from Galiwin’kThe Birrk Birrk people have made new bed and they working in teams.

By Tatiyana 

I can’t believe we did it


In week 5 in term 2 we started  designing the garden, but I thought it was so hard and kids couldn’t make the new garden.

DSCN2002 DSCN2004 DSCN2005

But now it is week 5 in term 3 and it is looking beautiful! DSCN2047We have been getting new garden tools and we have been moving woodchips and putting them near the deck.

DSCN2090 DSCN2119


The chickens are feeling good and happy too! I like the chickens and I like to feed them. They are very friendly.


By Walter and Samson

Packing up the tents, moving on


DSCN1621 DSCN1623

The emergency helpers are taking down the tents.

The people who were staying in the tents went to their new houses and they have new furniture and washing machines in their houses. They have new kitchens and kitchen things and they have  new toilets too!

Me and my little family  went to the new houses to have a look.  They have 3  bed rooms and they are really flash.

The cyclone went to Milingimbi  too and it went down to  the Maningrida. But now everything  is finally getting fixed up and the community is very happy for that. Now we can have the oval back for football and water the very dead grass too.

By Vanessa Dhurrkay

The Huge Big, Mulch Pit Community Garden


Yesterday at the Mulch Pit Garden, we were happy to see lots of plants that we also grow in our school garden and at our house.

We saw eggplants, loofah, chillies, pawpaws, pumpkins, sweet leaf, lemongrass, beans, pineapple, sweet potatoes and basil and lots more!

DSC01510  DSC01512 DSC01515

We were talking to the ladies that grow vegetables there because they cant grow them at their house and they like to work together with other people from the community. We also learnt about different kinds of spinach and we ate some pretty flowers.

We also saw lots of art like mosaics. And we loved the ways they made shade out of recycled things like the washing lines.




I love the decorated trees because it makes me feel great and we did that to our trees too after the cyclones.


Thankyou to the Mulch Pit workers for letting us see you beautiful garden.

Right now it is nice and cool and we cant wait to go to the markets and to the festival!

By Rico


Faith and Tatiyana’s experience in Sydney


On April 26th I went to Sydney because I was a great student and a very high attender. I was chosen along with my two friends ( Tatiyana and Kiara Jane). We went to Sydney to have a big experience, open our small eyes to the great big world out there. I was really amazed that Sydney had a million trees, I thought Sydney would just be a small amount of trees.

Welcome to my great, big experience!

DSCN0382  DSCN0392 DSCN0397

On the first day, we did a BIG scavenger race in the morning. I had already made two new friends from Palm Island,their names were Chyleisah and Wasise. They are bright girls! They are standing next to a tree that has a beautiful pattern.

DSCN0403  DSCN0408

We each got jumpers, shirts, backpacks, pencil cases, beanies and water bottles. They all had the name Cathy Freeman Foundation on it.

DSCN0411 DSCN0413 DSCN0420

At the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, there were three buildings. One building was a gym and working center. The second building was where we slept and the third building was where we had meetings and ate breakfast,dinner and dessert. I met all the people who was looking after us. Their names were Jess, Shaun, Bill, Troy, Jae. These people are from Cottage by the Sea.

There was also Lachlan,  Daphnie and Jamie. These guys were from the Cathy Freeman Foundation. 14 children got chosen, together all our names were Jaunita, Rachel, Chyleisah, Wasise, Duwane, Asan, Abrian, Collin, Simone, Haliey, Efriana, Tatiyana, Kiarra-Jane and me (Faith).


These two people are brother and sister. Their names are Jess and Shaun. Their other brother is in the picture below,  his name is Bill and he is standing with the lady from Koori radio. This other person is the manager for the Cathy Freeman Foundation (Jamie).


DSCN0445 DSCN0477 DSCN0498

We are having a big tug a war. We have been chosen for teams, I’m in the team above this sentence.

DSCN0525 DSCN0536

I love shapes so I took lots of photos of big buildings. I love the architecture of all the buildings big and small. I especially like the designs of new buildings, but I liked the old buildings because they had a lot of colour in them.

DSCN0569 DSCN0573 DSCN0583 DSCN0600


 I was really suprized that there was lots of green in Sydney, we had a small area where some plants grew. I saw lots of gardens in Sydney and really healthy plants.

We went to a museum called the Rocks museum we went on a tour with a lady named Tracey. We went around and learned the history about Sydney. The Sydney harbor is really a beach the buildings were built on top of the sand and opening of the beaches shore. I learned this information from Tracey. Tracey told us about bush food too. She said that all the aboriginal people use to use the bush food. I tasted some of the nearest bush foods. I was really facinated when I learned that piece of information and I will always remember it just incase I got to Sydney in the future. Thank you Tracey


My friends and I are having a group photo with Tracey. As you can see behind Tracey is a painting of when Sydney was old and its coming into whats in Sydney now days.

DSCN0725  DSCN0755 DSCN0756 DSCN0765 DSCN0773  DSCN0787 DSCN0804

We were lucky to go to Taronga Zoo I saw Emus, Giraffes, Koalas, Echidnes, Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Snakes and Big and Small Lizards. I love Koalas and I got to touch a Koala. I learnt that a Koala sleeps 20 hours a day. I was impressed how much a koala sleeps. Unbeliveable!!

DSCN0813 DSCN0814   DSCN0824 DSCN0837

We got an amazing chance to see musicians play their instruments they performed Morzart at the opera house I loved the way it was created. It looks like broken sea shells. I had a really exstrodanary time with all the kids there in Sydney, every thing was just PERFECT.

 DSCN0887 DSCN0888 DSCN0889 DSCN0890 DSCN0892 DSCN0906 DSCN0899 DSCN0897 DSCN0910 DSCN0911


These two people are people I met in Sydney the young lady’s name is Caroline and the girls’s name is Jaunita. I had a wonderful time in Sydney I wish I was still there. I met new beautiful and kind people , I went to new places, discovered old history of Sydney. I would like to thank Cottage b y the Sea and the Cathy Freeman Foundaition for giving us kids our expirience of our life time. My mother could never give me an expirience like that. Thank You Cottage By The Sea and Thank You Cathy Freeman Foundatinon. You have put a goal in my Heart.


Faith Stevens Djomula

DSCN0501 DSCN0529 DSCN0610 DSCN0613 DSCN0646 DSCN0665  DSCN0612

On last week Sunday in April 26th  Me and Faith was going from Elcho Island, to Darwin  to  Sydney. We started the next day by meeting all the new adults and other kids and writing in our Journals. At  night  we  went to the  Sky Zone and it was so exciting!

The next day we went to Bondi Beach and we were eating  yummy food at Bondi Beach. After that we went  to the Zoo and we saw lots of  Koalas and  lots of lions at the Zoo. And  I loved the Koalas, they were so cute but the lions were Scary. 

We did lots and lots of other  really good things, like playing different sports, meeting new people and learning how to talk in front of lots of people  without  being too shy. I felt happy when  I went to Sydney, we ate all  different kinds of  food  and it was healthy.

THANK YOU Cathy Freeman Foundation and Cottage by the Sea for looking after us and organasing this once-in-a life time experience for all us children.

By Tatiyana Wali

Tiyrel helps the chooks


Today we waited for Adam to lay an egg. It took a long time because Adam was a bit shy!


Then we put food in the feeder for chooks. This food has sunflower seeds, corn, wheat and some shell grit in it to help them make their own eggs.


Then I cleaned the poo out of the chook’s sleeping area. They sit on the roost and do poo in their sleep. I cleaned it up with a broom because there was lots of poo and I was making it clean. Then I put it on the white lid and took it to the banana area to make good bananas.


Rico and Heather were feeling good because the chooks house is clean.


By Tiyrel