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Djäma ga Gatni


Today we went to the garden to plant a mulberry tree.

First we put on our gloves and hats.

Next Troy was digging a big hole to plant the tree.

Then Jahquille and Brendan got the wheelbarrow with horse manure. We broke the manure to see inside, it was just grass.


We put the manure into the hole.

Then Troy was tapping out the plant and then he put it in the hole. He was being careful.

Then we were covering it over.

Troy was watering the plant. We said “Good Luck Mulberry Plant”.

Thankyou and Goodbye.

By Troy and Jahquille

Lasagne Girls


We have a problem in our new garden. We do not have the right soil. The soil is dry, light brown, sandy and has no worms. Our pumpkins are little and not growing fast.

We want it to be full of worms, black, wet and full of life. So we looked on the internet and found out about lasagne gardening. This is when you keep putting layers on the garden like a lasagne. We made a poster to share with everyone.


Firstly, you put cardboard on the dirt to block the weeds.

Next you put leaves, paper and other garden scraps.

Then you put food scraps like black bananas, lettuce leaves and old cabbage and tomatoes.

After that, you put compost or manure.

Then you repeat the leaves, food scraps and compost layers. Finally, you put mulch on the top and wait for it all to break down.

When we were making our lasagne gardens, we found lots of good soil in the drain. It got trapped by the roots of the tamarind tree and all the leaves and things had been breaking down and making good soil. We dug it out with a shovel and put in our lasagne gardens because it is free!

We had a good time making our lasagne gardens and we were a happy team.

By Lily, Martha and Summer.


Flower Ninjas!


Yesterday Mobile School and Williams 1 were collecting the bottles. Then our class were cutting them and making flowers. Lastly, Western 6 was painting them. There were 93 altogether!

Today, 4 kids were going to Mobile School and putting them on the fence. We didn’t tell the mobile school. We were like flower ninjas! Later, the mobile school kids were feeling happy to see them.

On the way home, we picked up all the rubbish at the shop and showed the adults how to use the recycling cage!

It was fun and everyone was happy.

By Hamish and Sabi

(Williams 4)




We went for drive in the bus on Friday and we saw a Mayawa (Frill-necked lizard) sitting in the middle of the road.

David Freier was driving the bus and he can catch snakes. David chased the lizard and he caught it. The lizard had a broken foot and a broken tail and maybe a car did run over it so David will look after it.

All the kids were really feeling excited and yelling and we calling David Freier a ranger man.

By Aiden

Chelsea’s stories


We   see   the    big   bananas at Wendy’s house and    we    love   bananas it was the best bananas. There are five hands coming  out, but we think there will be 10!

banana flower


Last night,   it    was    raining    I was    feeling     frightenend     today   walk  to    school and I got wet.


Chelsea   Atu with help from Samson


love garden at playgroup


At playgroup my class were helping the little kids.


I feel happy there we were helping them with the tyre garden. I love their garden and I like helping little kids.

babies love reading

These babies are smiling, they like reading books!DSCN3344

Noella was singing and playing the guitar and big kids were all singing too. We know those Yolngu Matha songs from when we were little at school. 

By Jericho

We Love Frogs


  This morning, lots of kids were holding little green frogs. It has been raining a lot so there are so many green frogs!


But it is bad to hold the green frogs because they will die if they get dry or too scared.


So we made posters to remind everybody to love our frogs. Frogs live in nice clean gardens. They eat insects and help our plants, and they are an important part of a food chain.

By Ellemor 2

The Chicken Gang


These boys from our Tigers class have been helping us with feeding the chickens and looking after them. We have been teaching them how to look after chickens and do that job.  The boys are Merril and Elijah and helping us are Israel, Johnson and Simon.

DSCN3365 DSCN3371

Simon says “I like working with the chickens and getting eggs and getting treats from Wendy.  We get the keys from Tony and go to the garden.  Garden is beautiful we got lots of rain so it is green.  Goodbye.”

Johnson says ” We been getting the eggs.  Sometimes in the box and sometimes we got to look under the bushes.  We got to clean the chicken house with shovel and put the poo in the compost. We want to get more chickens for more eggs.”

Israel says “Looking after chooks is fun.  I like going out of class and doing jobs. We are Tigers class and we got respect for the garden.  Wendy take us down there when we are in Year 6.  We want more jobs around school like cutting grass, plant bananas, and spread the chicken poo around the school to make plants grow. Thats all.”