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Thanks from Mobile School



After our breakfast program and Josh’s drumming lesson in the morning, we walked around collecting plastic lids to create mosaics and lamp shades. 

As we arrived to our learning space shelter we saw that a boring fence had been adorned with 93 beautiful colourful flowers, thanks to Wendy’s plastic flower ninja crew!


Thanks to all the students in the hub school who helped collect, cut and paint the bottles.  We appreciate the effort and see the flowers as a sign that the students at Buthan school are like bees; sometimes they fly between the hub school and Buthan school.

Kind Regards,



Flower Ninjas!


Yesterday Mobile School and Williams 1 were collecting the bottles. Then our class were cutting them and making flowers. Lastly, Western 6 was painting them. There were 93 altogether!

Today, 4 kids were going to Mobile School and putting them on the fence. We didn’t tell the mobile school. We were like flower ninjas! Later, the mobile school kids were feeling happy to see them.

On the way home, we picked up all the rubbish at the shop and showed the adults how to use the recycling cage!

It was fun and everyone was happy.

By Hamish and Sabi

(Williams 4)


Good Black Soil


Everyday, 5 kids from Josh’s class go to Wendy’s class and we help the little kids with blogging, writing stories, reading, maths games and learning new words.

But today, we did gardening! We went today because it has been raining a lot and the soil is wet so the weeds are easy to pull out.

DSCN3353 DSCN3357 DSCN3368

We filled up the pots so that kids can take new plants home. We got the black soil from the chook house because its good soil and full of worms.

Next time, we will plant sunflowers, bananas and mulberries in the pots.

It was lovely to work with the little kids, everyone was working together as a team and the weather was nice and cool.

By Scotty and Serina

Look what we found!


On Thursday, we went to the garden with Serena and Scotty from Josh’s class. We were looking for lots of things in our beautiful garden.



We have some pawpaws growing.

We use loofahs to wash our body.


Beautiful zinnias are growing.


We have lots of lemongrass.


Here is a banana flower. We are excited about getting some sweet bananas.

This garden is filled with LOVE!!

Thanks for helping us Scotty and Serena and all of Josh’s class.

By Lilly, Louise, Monica, Adelthia and Kira

Merril’s Dhudupu garden


Wendy went to Dhudupu and she see my family’s garden. 

I showed her the marigolds.


And the banana cirlce with my mum.


And then we looked at the watermelons and two pumpkins. My baby sister claytonia was looking too. I showed my family how to do good planting and collecting seeds.


and Wendy said ‘I love your Garden Merril, you have been working so hard’. She give us eggs and we eating dinner and Wendy went home.


By Merril

rain time in garden.



Today we are doing weeding and fed the chickens and having fun with rain. The first rain make as very happy. We were planting marigolds too.

DSCN2031 DSCN2013 DSCN2426

After that we came back to class and we have free-time and making bread and eggs. I like to cook our fresh eggs for everyone.

After that we are having the assembly in our class and showing a play to everyone. I am in the play and it is exciting to be in the play.

By Gerad Gumbalkurra

Madeline’s time in the garden


This morning williams4 got split up because Ses went to Darwin. So I went to Ellemor5 but Faith(my best friend) came up and asked Caitlin if I could go with her to her class. In Ellemor8 we went to the garden. We were collecting woodchip from the back of the basket ball court. We took the woodchips to the chicken coop. In the garden I saw alot of marigolds, snake beans, banana trees and more. 

By Madeline


In the garden I was working with Maddy (my best friend) we were collecting woodchips and putting them into the chicken house. Maddy worked will all of Ellemor8 kids. I loved spending time in the garden with my best friend. I hope we are in the same class tomorrow.

By Faith H.A.W.M.D Stevens