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New Doors at Shepherdson

There are some brand new doors on lots of classrooms around Shepherdson College and classes are beginning to create designs to decorate them. Here is the beautiful group effort from Ellemor 1.

The process involved designing the background, which we cut up and painted. Then, in an amazing feat of problem solving and co-operation, we put it back together like a giant jigsaw!! 

We then painted and cut out two cockatoos. These represent Dhuwa and Yirritja, the moieties of the Yolngu and are very important symbols culturally and are on our school crest.

Djinangbuy even made a fine paintbrush using a stick and some hair to paint the outlines. 

Here is the final design. We can’t wait to see lots of beautiful new paintings around our school.

Ellemor 1

Senior Boys are Back!


We saved the bananas from the old garden because it all got burnt. Nobody was looking after that garden when Wendy was gone.


But now, Wendy is back and gardens are back! We plant the bananas at the new front garden in a circle. We give them water everyday and seasol and now they are green and growing new leaves.

The new garden makes us feel excited and proud. When we work in the garden the little kids come and help us too. We already know about gardening from year 5 all the way through so we are going to learn new things.

When the garden is growing we will ask Richard to build a chicken’s house and get some chickens back to school.

By Shane Mutujangal and Johnson Mayawuku

My time in Melbourne


Last year, Serina was lucky enough to be selected for a trip to Melbourne. Somehow, we forgot to publish this story, but with the next CFF trip just around the corner…now is a good time to remember just how much fun Serina, Lena and Shikayla had whilst learning so much and making new friends!

I got picked to go to Melbourne for the CFF (Cathy Freeman Foundation) because I had excellent attendance and I have been putting lots of effort into my work and attitude this term. Rita went with us to take care of us and Shikayla and Lena were picked by their teachers too.

The weather in Melbourne was really cold for us because it is nearly always hot on Elcho Island. Also there were lots of big buildings and I have never been up that high in a building before.


On the first day, we went to this really cool place with lots of trampolines. My family always has bouncing castles at my house so it was really nice to jump on the big trampolines and run around everywhere.


On all of the days we did fun things together with all the kids, like playing in the games room, learning how to rock climb or learning about balancing outside. We also played a Mario game with potatoes.



We were learning lots of things in Melbourne. We went to the MCG sport museum and we saw the Melbourne university.


We went into the university and saw lots of adults learning. I learnt a lot of things in Melbourne and I learnt about the history about Melbourne.



 We all went surfing, the water was really cold and I looked like a teenager in my wet suit.


And we did presentations, I met lots of new people and made lots of friends.

DSCN2671We drove around in the bus a lot and we also went on trams. 


Every afternoon we did journal writing about what we did in the day time.


On the last day we went to a restaurant and had dinner with Cathy Freeman and her crew. 

It was hard being away from home because I missed my mum and home. But I loved my time in Melbourne. Everyone that took us places and looked after us was really really nice to us. It truly was an amazing and exciting experience for me away from home.

By Serina

going to camp to bible camp


On Monday the 19th of October Ellemor eight is going to a camp to bible camp for learning on country and Rangers will help too.

There will be first time camp for ellemor eight and ellemor 5 and Williams 4 is coming to camp too.

There will great time and happy day and learning about bush food and bush medicine and yalu girls will help too.We want to do what secondary kids do on their trip,like cook our own food ,learn about culture and hunting and be with my friend. 


 P1040649 P1040653

My Dad Steven



This is an old photo of when my dad was a little boy. He is sitting at the front with a blue and grey tshirt on. He looks just like me and he is a funny and happy man just like me too.

My dad said they didn’t have any computers or phones, they used to play tip-tip and go to the beach. They just had fun and looked after each other.

I know lots of the men in this photo, it was at Williams Block. Tony Dhurrkay is in the middle wearing a red singlet shirt. Can you see Mudutjangal’s uncle

? Or Faith’s Uncle? Or Romie’s dad? or Sarah G’s uncle?

By Scotty Rrama

we were learning about Melbourne


Elcho it  is  small  and  Melbourne  it  is  city    this  is  how  it  is   different.

image image

Melbourne and my home  are  similar  because the People on Elcho  like  AFL.

By Joanne

Galiwin’ku is similar to Melbourne because we all love AFL. My team is St Marys in Darwin.


Galiwin’ku is different to Melbourne because more Balanda people live there.

by Tiyrel Guyuwa

On the weekend I was going to Nayawili



On the  weekend I went to Nayawili and we were dancing   with my sisters and my aunty.

Then we were watching the boys and girls are dancing, it was a man’s ceremony and the man  and women had different parts to do and different dances.

After the main ceremony, all the Yirritja were waiting in the water. I  was with Dhuwa Miyalk and we went to  the water. Everyone  was excited and then Yirritja splashed us with  the water! It was so much fun,  it was a glorious  day!

By Joanne