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Harry at the Markets



On Friday, all the boys were working at the markets. Kevin B, Xavier, Shane, Kevin L, Harry (me), Hamish and Mark were working together.

We were selling pumpkin muffins made by Williams 4 and bliss balls made by my class (Williams 1). Wendy made jam and chilli sauce and orange-mango and mango-chilli rollups. Wendy’s chickens been lay some eggs and we sell them at the markets. We were selling pumpkin, watermelon and mulberry plants too. 

Lots of teachers came and they were buying from the Garden Gang. The teachers were happy and they were proud of us.

We were feeling happy and excited when we see the customers. We felt like big kids. Wendy was helping us a little bit but we did the selling by ourselves. It was fun and we liked being the Garden Gang.

 By Harry


The Garden Gang is Back!


Hi Everyone,
The Garden Gang is back! We have been a bit quiet for a couple of years because our school garden hasn’t been running. We will tell you more about that a bit later….

But now, I want to tell you about what we did on Friday at the Church; we brought the markets back!


Kids from across the school came together to help with the market. I wasn’t here when it used to happen but it was amazing to see the markets happening and everyone was excited and a bit nervous. I had butterflies in my tummy, but it was extraordinary to be a part of the markets.

We made pumpkin muffins and pumpkin dip in the classroom. Little kids made recycled paper and then big kids made them into cards that you can send. Then the person that you send them to can plant them in the ground and grow beautiful zinnia flowers.

Gapany was our first customer and then we had lots of other people that wanted to buy our amazing stuff. The kids were doing all of the selling and Wendy was helping us. She donated lots of homemade jams, chutneys and chilli sauces from her Fresh Batch range.

We had lots of fun and we will use the money that we made to make more stuff for bigger markets. Also, we will use it to support the Garden Gang and grow a beautiful new garden at the front of the school. Stay tuned for more news!

By Dorothy Hewett

(in Williams 4)

Samson and Merril at the Festival


Today we went to the Tropical garden Spectacular at the Botanic Gardens. We did so many cool things!


The first thing we did was ride on the ponies. They were quiet and friendly. They ate red apples. We were very excited because it was our first time for riding the ponies.

DSC01538 - Copy

Then we went and looked at everything. Merril liked the colourful flowers. Samson liked the loofahs in the Kormilda Kid’s garden. Wendy and Merril liked the art made out of and old tyre, cds, leaves and other recycled stuff.

Merril’s favourite was the really big frog. He wants to buy it and to take it on the plane but thinks the plane might fall down so he can put it on the barge. Samson was holding a real snake and he was feeling a little bit brave.

DSC01564 DSC01562DSC01563

We saw lots of art made out of recycled things and we really like them. We want to make them for our garden too. We think the gorilla is funny but Wendy doesn’t want it for our garden because it is made out of plastic!


Later we were holding the baby chooks, ducks and rabbits. They were really soft and cute. We also patted some guinea pigs but we think they poo too much so we didn’t hold them.


The bamboo man was showing Samson how to split the bamboo so that you can have the skinny bits and make things out of it. That man was really kind and he is a good teacher.


We were helping Emily to water all the plants in the school gardens so they can stay beautiful for the second day. Emily was watering her face and hair to see if she might maybe grow bigger! She is like Costa and she is funny and cool and she is Wendy’s friend.


We were eating fresh watermelon that was grown in the Darwin area. It tasted so sweet and nice.

DSCN1450 DSCN1435

We had so much fun with our Garden Gang at the Festival today and we wonder what we might do tomorrow…

By Samson and Merril

Fun Festival Day





This morning we went to the markets. and when I saw all the people I said ‘Wow!’. Some Aboriginal people were singing in a different language for the money and Samson was kind and he went and gave them some money because he was feeling sorry for them.

We bought some banana juice, it tasted fresh and sweet. Some of us kids also wanted to buy watermelon juice too. The boys were getting crocodile teeth necklaces and crocodile skin wristbands. 

DSC01552 DSC01556


When we got to the Fesitval, we were learning about the ponies. We got to ride the ponies  and they were very friendly. We fed them red apples.

Then Samson saw a big snake up in the tree, but it was only a fake one and people were believing it! 


DSC01693 DSC01575


We were sitting and playing with Emily and Costa. They are funny people and they know lots about gardening.




I held a black baby duck, it was skinny so I had to hold it carefully. 


When we got back to Parap, we made our pizzas and fruit salad with the fresh vegetables and fruit that we bought from the markets.

Today was a really interesting day.

By Sylvia Gemiyala

Rico Helping Merril



Today I helped Merril with selling lots of fresh eggs.  

Merril’s Mum came and asked me for some eggs but I said to  Merril’s  Mum  “No  eggs sorry, they are all sold”.

But then I told her   I  will  make the price down  to five Dollars  and we will  give  her  fresh ones on  Monday because we so happy to share our eggs with our families.

By Rico M 

Today we are cooking with the little kids



Today Ellemor Eight are cooking with Western One.

We are selling eggs and cake and ball with prizes inside.

We put posters up in the office area with chickens  and muffin pictures on them.

We are excited about selling our fresh free range eggs and all the kids are excited about buying the balls.

We were happy that lots of people came from the school and the community to buy our garden things. 

by Vanessa Dhurrrkay

Today we are cooking with Western One and Ellemor Eight. The little kids are  really  good helpers  and  Emanuel is fun for  a teacher.

DSCN1018 DSCN1019


We are selling  our eggs  and  muffin cakes. Samson is selling the luffah we grew in our  garden and the  sunflower  seeds. He is also selling books we make from  recycled  paper.



I was happy because we were selling them before lunchtime and all the customers were feeling excited to see our markets!

By Shana

The Markets!


DSCN1120 DSCN1121

Today we had the markets.

There were four stands. One stand was for EGGS the second stand was for Handmade Books, Luffahs and Sunflower seeds, the third stand was for cupcakes and mini quiches and the last stand was for toys.

I worked at the third stand; muffins and mini quiches. My little helper was Billie (she is in Western 1), she helped me sell the muffins and quiches.

There were lots of orders for the muffins, but the quiches…. not so many orders. So only the banana muffins sold very fast. The teachers were the only people who bought all the quiches but they only got a couple each.

There were lots of yummy quiches left after the markets were over, so we are going to eat them ourselves! All the muffins were gone and only 2 muffins were left, so Billie and I got to eat it , Billie didn’t want it so she got a mini quiche and gave her muffin to her big sister (Charlie).

I enjoy helping at the lunch time markets, Billie and I sold lots of sweets and we enjoyed it. All the money we had made is going into our half-repaired garden.

By Faith Stevens Djomula

PS….before I finished this story….Valeska came and bought all the leftover quiches! That was very generous. Then Wendy revealed a secret….she had made a special big quiche for us to eat! 


Hot Cross Buns for Teachers…and us!


DSC01047 DSC01054

Today we like selling our Hot Cross Buns and all the teachers liked getting hot cross buns!

All of Ellemor eight got to eat the buns and we were selling them. We took them to the teachers who had emailed Wendy with an order. I took some to Tony and Tui and they were excited for our yummy cooking.


Making hot cross buns was easy because we worked altogether as one big team! My favourite part was rolling them into little buns and putting 16 on each tray. I have had a joyful Easter day!

By Vanessa

Getting Ready for Open Day


P1030941 P1030942 P1030944 P1030946


Ellemor five worked really hard to make the garden ready for our Open Day. We had to tidy up the whole garden. Peter and some other boys put shredded paper on the ground in the chicken house so people with no shoes didn’t get manure on their feet.

We also had to make all of the food for Cafe Shep before we showed people around. Everyone was helping and I think ellemor five was a good team.

Emily Gray from Darwin was helping us too. She said “what can I do?” so we were giving her lots of jobs! All the kids liked working with Emily and she was showing us how to do new hand signs like gangstas! I hope Emily can come back one day.



Shepherdson College Ambassadors


On Thursday the 13th of November, Shepherdson college hosted the third Edugrow School Garden Awards. It was an amazing day, starting with an Open Garden, with lots of community members and invited guests coming up to have a tour, led by the students. It was such a buzz to see the garden full of excited adults and children all sharing and learning together.

This was followed by an awards ceremony at which the five pictured students bravely made speeches about the importance of gardening in their lives.

Lastly, 4 classes came together to put on a Cafe Shep, celebrating the day and sharing yummy food with everyone.

Below are the speeches that we (Rachel, Anthia, Scotty, Peter and Faith) wrote and read out to everyone.


“Good Afternoon Everyone. We would like to tell you why we love our garden at Shepherdson College.

Firstly, our garden makes us feel happiness and we love working together outside in the fresh air.

Secondly, we get excited because we love to feed the chickens and seeing them play and run around is funny!

Thirdly, gardening teaches us things that will help us in real life, like growing food, cooking, sharing ideas in English and our own languages and caring for nature.

These are some of the reasons why we love our garden and all the kids in our school love our garden too. We hope we can keep gardening forever!!

Life’s a Garden……So dig it!!!”

By Scotty and Peter


Hello Everyone, we are happy to see so many visitors here at Shepherdson College today!

We would like to tell you about what we do in our garden and why we do it.

Our Garden is an organic garden. This means we don’t use any poisons on our plants and the food we grow is super healthy!

We use permaculture ideas to help us garden. Here are the three ethics we follow.

Earth care – we look after our soil and garden by making compost and mulching and recycling.

People Care – we share our produce and make healthy food and people devour it! That helps their body. To look after our minds, we work in teams, respecting and supporting each other.

Fair Share – everyone deserves to get a yield when they put in hard work, and everyone has useful skills to share.

We don’t just garden at school, we teach other people in the community how to garden too.

You might have seen the sunflower ninjas around town sharing seeds and gardening love!

Our community helps us too. ALPA saves the scraps for our chickens and our compost and also cardboard boxes to make mulch.

People in our community are also good customers who support us at the markets.

So as you can see…we don’t just play in our garden, it’s a fantastic place to learn useful skills for our future.

By Faith, Anthia and Rachel