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7 Deadly Graduates




Yesterday, there was Graduation ceremony for the 2015 Year 12s. We all went to the Turtle area.


Cathy Freeman, Adam Bester and Jiminga Burton were all waiting at the front and they feeling really proud and excited. Adam and Jiminga were the teachers for the Year 12s.


First it was Garrawurra clan and they bring Sheena, Nathan and Taris.


Second was Milli and Garrawurra clan again.


Then Zelda and Sarah came with Gapu (water) clan.


Then Jasmine came with Yunipingu clan.



Evelyna, Cathy and Simon making speeches. Tony was reading a story from Hilary, she was the Secondary Principal, and all the kids happy and smiling about that. Cathy was giving the awards.




Then last, everyone was taking photos and feeling so happy and proud. Evelyna, Cassie and Emily are all from the Cathy Freeman Foundation and they happy too.


Those students have a good future now.


By Lilly and Kira


The Chicken Gang


These boys from our Tigers class have been helping us with feeding the chickens and looking after them. We have been teaching them how to look after chickens and do that job.  The boys are Merril and Elijah and helping us are Israel, Johnson and Simon.

DSCN3365 DSCN3371

Simon says “I like working with the chickens and getting eggs and getting treats from Wendy.  We get the keys from Tony and go to the garden.  Garden is beautiful we got lots of rain so it is green.  Goodbye.”

Johnson says ” We been getting the eggs.  Sometimes in the box and sometimes we got to look under the bushes.  We got to clean the chicken house with shovel and put the poo in the compost. We want to get more chickens for more eggs.”

Israel says “Looking after chooks is fun.  I like going out of class and doing jobs. We are Tigers class and we got respect for the garden.  Wendy take us down there when we are in Year 6.  We want more jobs around school like cutting grass, plant bananas, and spread the chicken poo around the school to make plants grow. Thats all.”

My time in Melbourne


Last year, Serina was lucky enough to be selected for a trip to Melbourne. Somehow, we forgot to publish this story, but with the next CFF trip just around the corner…now is a good time to remember just how much fun Serina, Lena and Shikayla had whilst learning so much and making new friends!

I got picked to go to Melbourne for the CFF (Cathy Freeman Foundation) because I had excellent attendance and I have been putting lots of effort into my work and attitude this term. Rita went with us to take care of us and Shikayla and Lena were picked by their teachers too.

The weather in Melbourne was really cold for us because it is nearly always hot on Elcho Island. Also there were lots of big buildings and I have never been up that high in a building before.


On the first day, we went to this really cool place with lots of trampolines. My family always has bouncing castles at my house so it was really nice to jump on the big trampolines and run around everywhere.


On all of the days we did fun things together with all the kids, like playing in the games room, learning how to rock climb or learning about balancing outside. We also played a Mario game with potatoes.



We were learning lots of things in Melbourne. We went to the MCG sport museum and we saw the Melbourne university.


We went into the university and saw lots of adults learning. I learnt a lot of things in Melbourne and I learnt about the history about Melbourne.



 We all went surfing, the water was really cold and I looked like a teenager in my wet suit.


And we did presentations, I met lots of new people and made lots of friends.

DSCN2671We drove around in the bus a lot and we also went on trams. 


Every afternoon we did journal writing about what we did in the day time.


On the last day we went to a restaurant and had dinner with Cathy Freeman and her crew. 

It was hard being away from home because I missed my mum and home. But I loved my time in Melbourne. Everyone that took us places and looked after us was really really nice to us. It truly was an amazing and exciting experience for me away from home.

By Serina

Flash suits and happy families


Last Thursday, I came to the Graduation dinner with my Mum and my Dad. We were all dressed up and I was wearing a suit and tie that my family bought from Townsville. Samson had a suit and tie too, and Scotty was wearing all black with light brown boots.DSC04442






We all felt really good to celebrate together and also celebrate for all the year 6 kids from Ellemor 8 and Ellemor 2.

The best thing was getting my award because I felt proud.

It was an amazing night.

By Walter

Fun run at ALPA


Last Friday  they where having a great  fun run. It started next to ALPA and everyone was having a great time.

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All the people in the community went and I see Dave Dunlop and his girlfriend she went running fast!

All the old ladies where happy to be heathy and fun because they where good runners. I see one lady was doing happy dancing and one boy was running so fast.

Robert Decastella, I see  him he run slow all the way start  from ALPA  and around the community.                                

by  VanessaDhurrkay

Story from Galiwin’ku after cyclones


This morning we were watching news about Galiwin’ku.

Now the Galiwin’ku people have new houses and its good time Galiwinku people.

They have new shop its nice with me because i didn’t see before, its the first time I see that new shop. And people feeling happy now because the cyclone went away from Galiwin’kThe Birrk Birrk people have made new bed and they working in teams.

By Tatiyana 

Music Video



Yesterday I went to school, because it is always fun.

We went to garden and we made our music video our music called “The Garden Gang”. Before we went we made a plan called a storyboard so everybody happy and know what to do.


The words go ” We’re the Garden Gang, we got lots of plants da da da da, healthy free range chickens they give us eggs ch chook chook chook!” that’s our cool music.


We were so happy and proud. When we  are finished we will show everyone.

Click below…

The Garden Gang

By Sylvia Gemiyala