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Saving the Floors and the Walls!


Today we went to the garden and chopping off the trees because they had Termites inside the trees.

Termites eat trees because they are hungry but we don’t want them to eat the whole class and be eating the floors and the walls!

We will plant new trees and bananas and fruits.

by Jahquille and Damajak.


Termites are not Cool!


Today we were working in the Garden. We talked about our jobs for the day and then we got started.

So the first thing to do is to put on your gloves on and hat. Then we grabbed our own loppers and tree saws then we went down and saw the palm tree.

We saw the termites and they were wrecking the palm tree and I nearly got bit! They look like bugs and ants and also like little cockroaches.

I felt not cool for the school about this. Then we fixed the problem by cutting down the palm trees.

By Geyonte