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Harry at the Markets



On Friday, all the boys were working at the markets. Kevin B, Xavier, Shane, Kevin L, Harry (me), Hamish and Mark were working together.

We were selling pumpkin muffins made by Williams 4 and bliss balls made by my class (Williams 1). Wendy made jam and chilli sauce and orange-mango and mango-chilli rollups. Wendy’s chickens been lay some eggs and we sell them at the markets. We were selling pumpkin, watermelon and mulberry plants too. 

Lots of teachers came and they were buying from the Garden Gang. The teachers were happy and they were proud of us.

We were feeling happy and excited when we see the customers. We felt like big kids. Wendy was helping us a little bit but we did the selling by ourselves. It was fun and we liked being the Garden Gang.

 By Harry


Happy Easter from Ellemor 2


On Wednesday, we made Hot Cross Buns in our classroom.


Kids had to measure ingredients carefully, knead the dough and be patient while we waited for the dough to rise.


Then they had to think carefully about how to divide the dough into equal 16ths.

The buns were really yummy and worth the effort!

On Thursday, we used natural dyes to make some colourful Easter Eggs. We used fresh eggs from our Garden.

We used tumeric to make yellow, red and brown onions skins to make dark chocolate brown, tea to make light brown and red cabbage to make pink. We added vinegar to the water to help the dye to stick to the eggs. 


We put stickers on some, and leaves and flowers on others to make beautiful patterns. We wrapped them in thin material so the dye could still get through. 


They looked so great and and by using only natural ingredients, we were still able to eat the eggs after we had enjoyed looking at them!

Later, Easter Bunny visited Ellemor 2 class. All the kids were outside playing at lunchtime, so he snuck in and filled up their Easter Baskets!DSC05308

When everyone came back inside there was a lot of squealing, and everyone was very excited to see their baskets full of chocolate eggs!


Easter Bunny left some extra eggs behind. So all the kids decided to make more baskets, then chose an adult working at the school to deliver some chocolate eggs to. It was a great way to make sure everyone got their Fair Share, and for us to say thankyou to all the teachers, canteen workers, office staff and Assistant Teachers who have helped us out this year in our classroom or the Garden. 

What a great couple of days!

Happy Easter everyone!

By Ellemor 2

Good Black Soil


Everyday, 5 kids from Josh’s class go to Wendy’s class and we help the little kids with blogging, writing stories, reading, maths games and learning new words.

But today, we did gardening! We went today because it has been raining a lot and the soil is wet so the weeds are easy to pull out.

DSCN3353 DSCN3357 DSCN3368

We filled up the pots so that kids can take new plants home. We got the black soil from the chook house because its good soil and full of worms.

Next time, we will plant sunflowers, bananas and mulberries in the pots.

It was lovely to work with the little kids, everyone was working together as a team and the weather was nice and cool.

By Scotty and Serina

Sharona helps her friends


Yesterday I was helping my friends. We were digging the soil and we were were caring for the class. 

I was digging the soil from the chook house and we worked in teams. The Chooky Boys from Tony’s class put all the scraps for the chickens.


I was holding the little chicken with the funny hair.


We were eating some mulberries.



It was a happy day in the garden and when I dug the soil I see lots of little worms and the chook yard. I was just digging the soil and we put it into the other garden area. 

Then we went back to the class, and that’s the end of the story.

By Sharona

Look what we found!


On Thursday, we went to the garden with Serena and Scotty from Josh’s class. We were looking for lots of things in our beautiful garden.



We have some pawpaws growing.

We use loofahs to wash our body.


Beautiful zinnias are growing.


We have lots of lemongrass.


Here is a banana flower. We are excited about getting some sweet bananas.

This garden is filled with LOVE!!

Thanks for helping us Scotty and Serena and all of Josh’s class.

By Lilly, Louise, Monica, Adelthia and Kira

Today we were going to playgroup


Today we went to FaFT we were making them a beautiful garden. In the front of their Garden we put a plant and we put water on it.

The plant we were puting was mulberries and banana. We told the little kids how to look after the plants and how to make fruits grown up.

Noella gave us a ice cups to say thankoyu and we all went back to class.  BY MAHALiA GURRUWiWi


Today we were having are good day with playgroup then  we were going to the garden for the cleaning up.

We were having a good day at the playgroup and we put some new plants in the playgroup.

Mahaliah and I went to the gardento the clean up our garden by ourselves and we took the wheelbarrows and the tools back.

By Joanne