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Cathy Freeman Day


DSC05460  DSC05486

Today everyone went to the basketball court to get reward from the Cathy Freeman Foundation. Our families were coming to see Cathy Freeman.

We were sitting with our friends and hugging and being happy.


Evelyna was speaking to all the kids about coming to school everyday.


Evelyna’s baby (Tila, wearing the pink shirt) was so proud of her.


Cathy Freeman was clapping for kids.


This is pre-school and these kids were coming everyday.




After the awards, we went to the garden and we pick flowers. Then we put them in the jars to decorate the tables for the year 12 Graduation.

DSCN3824  DSCN3829

Some other kids were having free time. Ciantha and Sharona were pretending to talk for Cathy Freeman.

By Adelthia and Kira

Cathy Freeman Trip coming up…


Sharona  and   Kenisha   and Ciantha  are trying out for going  to  Sydney  for  seeing  Cathy  Freeman. They are writing story about themselves and they are reading it to the Eric Principal and Evelyna.

They   work   very  good   and they  listening  for  Wendy.  They  going  every  day  to   school they  work really  good at  class  room. That is why Wendy say they can try and go on that trip.

Ellemor 2 is so happy  and we so proud for them because they so brave and we say good luck for reading and we hope you can go to Sydney.

By Delilah

My time in Melbourne


Last year, Serina was lucky enough to be selected for a trip to Melbourne. Somehow, we forgot to publish this story, but with the next CFF trip just around the corner…now is a good time to remember just how much fun Serina, Lena and Shikayla had whilst learning so much and making new friends!

I got picked to go to Melbourne for the CFF (Cathy Freeman Foundation) because I had excellent attendance and I have been putting lots of effort into my work and attitude this term. Rita went with us to take care of us and Shikayla and Lena were picked by their teachers too.

The weather in Melbourne was really cold for us because it is nearly always hot on Elcho Island. Also there were lots of big buildings and I have never been up that high in a building before.


On the first day, we went to this really cool place with lots of trampolines. My family always has bouncing castles at my house so it was really nice to jump on the big trampolines and run around everywhere.


On all of the days we did fun things together with all the kids, like playing in the games room, learning how to rock climb or learning about balancing outside. We also played a Mario game with potatoes.



We were learning lots of things in Melbourne. We went to the MCG sport museum and we saw the Melbourne university.


We went into the university and saw lots of adults learning. I learnt a lot of things in Melbourne and I learnt about the history about Melbourne.



 We all went surfing, the water was really cold and I looked like a teenager in my wet suit.


And we did presentations, I met lots of new people and made lots of friends.

DSCN2671We drove around in the bus a lot and we also went on trams. 


Every afternoon we did journal writing about what we did in the day time.


On the last day we went to a restaurant and had dinner with Cathy Freeman and her crew. 

It was hard being away from home because I missed my mum and home. But I loved my time in Melbourne. Everyone that took us places and looked after us was really really nice to us. It truly was an amazing and exciting experience for me away from home.

By Serina

Nathaniel Dijarrami


Hi, my name is Nathaniel from Milingimbi.

After School in Milingimbi my friends and I like to Go to the football oval to play . Also we play basketball.

On weekends I go hunting and fishing and catch crabs. Now I live in Galiwin’ku at the low down area, but I still go hunting on the weekend. And Elcho kids love to play marbles.


by Nathaniel


Interview with Arnhem Champs


Evelyn, Justina and Marsha went to a sports competition in Darwin. They brought back lots of medals! Altogether, they won 11 medals; Marsha won 3, Justina won 4 and Evelyn won 4 each. All the schools from Arnhem land sent some  kids each for a team and they won the trophy! Arnhem kids won 31 medals altogether and that is how we won the trophy. Arnhem kids came first. Our girls  came back yesterday the 7th of September.



What kind of activites did you do in Darwin, Evelyn?

The activities we had were shot put, high jump, long jump, 200 metre race, 100 metre race and 400 metre race.

How did it make you feel when you won a medal?

I felt very proud and thankful to everyone who supported me when I was about to do an event.

How many medals did you win and what did you win them for?

I won 4 medals and the events I did them for was long jump, 400 meter race, 200 meter race and discus.

Thank You



Marsha, how did it feel to be competing against the other kids?  

I felt happy and excited and very sportsman-like to be playing with them.

Did you make any friends while you were there?

Yes, I made friends with just the Arnhem kids from 11 different communities.

Did you win any medals and what did you win them for?

Yes, I won three medals and I won them in discus, shot put and 100 meter race.

Thank You Marsha


Justina, did you have an incredible time getting along with the other kids?

I enjoyed playing sports with the other kids they were cheering for me when it was my turn to do an activity.

Did you enjoy the activities?

I enjoyed the activities and I had fun.

How was it so fun?

It was so fun because there were hard challenges. The kids were very good I had to be great to keep up with them.

Did you win any medals and what activites did you win them for?

Yes, I won 4 medals and the activites I won them for was discu, 100 meter race, 800 meter race and long jump.

Thank you

Interviews by Faith Stevens