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Williams 1’s First Post!


Fridaydja Williams1dhu guŋgayun ga Wendy napurr ga djäma marketgu ŋatha mala nhakun pumpkin dip ga pumpkin muffins.

Wripunydja djamarrkuḻ’ djälim ga ŋatha mala marketŋur.

Ga ŋuruŋiny bala marketdja dhu boŋguŋ basketball courtŋura.

On Friday Williams 1 helped Wendy prepare for a market stall by

making pumpkin dip and pumpkin muffins.

The children helped sell the food at the market.

Next week the markets will be held on the basketball courts.

By Williams 1 Class

Gardening at FAFT


Today we went to FAFT and we helped make them with their garden because we are the garden experts. So eveyone is saying to garden gang help us do our garden!


Theresa asked if a special team of maybe 5 kids will go to her house on Friday and help her and she will give us a prize for helping her. That makes us feel proud of our work.

By Viveca

Wendy’s sick day off


Yesterday Wendy  was  sick. Me and my class went to other classes.

I went to  Ellemor 1 and we  were  having a good time.  

We had free time and  we played with ipads.

I was feeling sorry for Wendy.

But today she is back at school in our class because she was missing us and feeling sorry for us!

I am happy that she is back.

  by Samuel   Duwang

Working in Carol’s class


Yesterday, Wendy was not here because she was very very sick at her home.

Then we all went to the other classes. We were having fun in the other classes. We went to Ellemor 1 and 2.


I went to Ellemor 1, Carol’s class and we were having freetime! Carol is a friendly lady and she was kind to all of us Ellemor 8 kids.


By Sylvia