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This week we will have a market at the school. We have to re use plastic containers and things from the garden.

 We are going  to make some basil pesto and roll ups and sell tomatoes, eggs,  pumpkins and anythings that ready like beans.

 Lots of kids like to buy some roll ups. Roll ups made of rosellas, that bush flower. Firstly we think it tastes sour with no sugar, but when we put sugar its taste like lollies from the shop! The pesto made from the pine nuts, lemon, garlic and basil . Pesto that for pizza, and lots of balanda people buy it.

Here is a link to a video of Minyingu and I having a tour of the garden and sharing our favourite things.


Bronwyn Djulngiyulngi Shares her knowledge


When Ellemor 5 class went to the Art Centre, I shared my story with all of the kids. I talked about my Grandmother and the art that she makes. I like to help my Grandmother and I am proud to share my family story with my class.

Here is a video of me speaking;


On Friday when we made pizzas, we put basil pesto on the bottom.

When it was cooked and we took it out of the oven I said “look at the green…it’s beautiful”!

By Bronwyn

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This term Alessa (Our College AP) reminded everyone about how important it is to try and reduce the amount of power we use, to save money, but more importantly to help the environment.

We were also studying Sustainable energy sources through the book My Light.

The results…..? Ellemor 5 kids got together and formed ‘Power Patrol’!

See their Deadly new video by clicking on the link below;

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