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Chelsea’s stories


We   see   the    big   bananas at Wendy’s house and    we    love   bananas it was the best bananas. There are five hands coming  out, but we think there will be 10!

banana flower


Last night,   it    was    raining    I was    feeling     frightenend     today   walk  to    school and I got wet.


Chelsea   Atu with help from Samson


We Love Frogs


  This morning, lots of kids were holding little green frogs. It has been raining a lot so there are so many green frogs!


But it is bad to hold the green frogs because they will die if they get dry or too scared.


So we made posters to remind everybody to love our frogs. Frogs live in nice clean gardens. They eat insects and help our plants, and they are an important part of a food chain.

By Ellemor 2

My time in Melbourne


Last year, Serina was lucky enough to be selected for a trip to Melbourne. Somehow, we forgot to publish this story, but with the next CFF trip just around the corner…now is a good time to remember just how much fun Serina, Lena and Shikayla had whilst learning so much and making new friends!

I got picked to go to Melbourne for the CFF (Cathy Freeman Foundation) because I had excellent attendance and I have been putting lots of effort into my work and attitude this term. Rita went with us to take care of us and Shikayla and Lena were picked by their teachers too.

The weather in Melbourne was really cold for us because it is nearly always hot on Elcho Island. Also there were lots of big buildings and I have never been up that high in a building before.


On the first day, we went to this really cool place with lots of trampolines. My family always has bouncing castles at my house so it was really nice to jump on the big trampolines and run around everywhere.


On all of the days we did fun things together with all the kids, like playing in the games room, learning how to rock climb or learning about balancing outside. We also played a Mario game with potatoes.



We were learning lots of things in Melbourne. We went to the MCG sport museum and we saw the Melbourne university.


We went into the university and saw lots of adults learning. I learnt a lot of things in Melbourne and I learnt about the history about Melbourne.



 We all went surfing, the water was really cold and I looked like a teenager in my wet suit.


And we did presentations, I met lots of new people and made lots of friends.

DSCN2671We drove around in the bus a lot and we also went on trams. 


Every afternoon we did journal writing about what we did in the day time.


On the last day we went to a restaurant and had dinner with Cathy Freeman and her crew. 

It was hard being away from home because I missed my mum and home. But I loved my time in Melbourne. Everyone that took us places and looked after us was really really nice to us. It truly was an amazing and exciting experience for me away from home.

By Serina

Good Black Soil


Everyday, 5 kids from Josh’s class go to Wendy’s class and we help the little kids with blogging, writing stories, reading, maths games and learning new words.

But today, we did gardening! We went today because it has been raining a lot and the soil is wet so the weeds are easy to pull out.

DSCN3353 DSCN3357 DSCN3368

We filled up the pots so that kids can take new plants home. We got the black soil from the chook house because its good soil and full of worms.

Next time, we will plant sunflowers, bananas and mulberries in the pots.

It was lovely to work with the little kids, everyone was working together as a team and the weather was nice and cool.

By Scotty and Serina

My Christmas



This is me Faith. My birthday is in 2 weeks I will be turning 12. I can’t wait. Almost a teenager.  I had a merry christmas today will all my family. I love my christmas. Its was a real good day to spend with family.


This is my auntie. She dressed up and she came over. All my cousin for gapuwiyak came here to celebrate Christmas. It was a big blast everyone had fun and there was lots of food.


There was more people than that they all just left. What a merry christmas I had today. My Christmas presents were a recharge of 30dollars and a water gun. And I had good fun with it.


My family and I had a big Christmas bash. I helped out make the food. Almost everyone dressed up for christmas. I lovw this Christmas. The weather was perfect.  The wind was cool and nice. We did alot of cooking.

By Faith Stevens

On the Radio


Yesterday I was on the radio. I was speaking to Vicky Kerrigan. I was telling her about the garden and what we grow in our big organic garden. I was speaking to her a couple of times and I had a blast talking on the radio. I got there at 4o’clock and talked at 4: 30pm. After 6 Sheena and I danced to no song and won a 50 dollar vouchers for fruit and veggies. We got one each! I got lots of food. Anyway I loved being on the radio. I told her about what the weather was going to be like. I shared some cheese with them too.

By Faith Stevens 

Packing up the tents, moving on


DSCN1621 DSCN1623

The emergency helpers are taking down the tents.

The people who were staying in the tents went to their new houses and they have new furniture and washing machines in their houses. They have new kitchens and kitchen things and they have  new toilets too!

Me and my little family  went to the new houses to have a look.  They have 3  bed rooms and they are really flash.

The cyclone went to Milingimbi  too and it went down to  the Maningrida. But now everything  is finally getting fixed up and the community is very happy for that. Now we can have the oval back for football and water the very dead grass too.

By Vanessa Dhurrkay

I love the Festival!


At the Tropical Garden Spectacular, I was talking on the radio to Lisa Pellegrino on ABC local. She was a kind and friendly lady. I was a bit shy for talking on the radio.

DSCN1454 DSCN1437


But later I was getting more brave and meeting lots of people. This is me with Emily. She likes to cuddle the panda and I was feeding it my watermelon scraps. Later we went to the bamboo place and I saw a soup spoon. It is really cool making things out of bamboo. I was blowing a whistle made of bamboo. I hope I can learn to make some things with bamboo on Sunday.


We saw lots of really cool puppets like this chicken that Samson is walking on the ground.


We also saw signs under the trees just like the ones we were putting at our trees on Elcho!

DSCN1424 DSCN1427

I saw plants in the pipes and a vegetable garden made out of a recycled kitchen. We loved looking at the barramundis being fed because they were fast!




It was raining a little bit in the day and lots at night-time so all the plants will be green and happy.

Day 1 at the Festival was amazing. I think Day 2 will be even more exciting!

By Rico Malmalka

The Huge Big, Mulch Pit Community Garden


Yesterday at the Mulch Pit Garden, we were happy to see lots of plants that we also grow in our school garden and at our house.

We saw eggplants, loofah, chillies, pawpaws, pumpkins, sweet leaf, lemongrass, beans, pineapple, sweet potatoes and basil and lots more!

DSC01510  DSC01512 DSC01515

We were talking to the ladies that grow vegetables there because they cant grow them at their house and they like to work together with other people from the community. We also learnt about different kinds of spinach and we ate some pretty flowers.

We also saw lots of art like mosaics. And we loved the ways they made shade out of recycled things like the washing lines.




I love the decorated trees because it makes me feel great and we did that to our trees too after the cyclones.


Thankyou to the Mulch Pit workers for letting us see you beautiful garden.

Right now it is nice and cool and we cant wait to go to the markets and to the festival!

By Rico