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Week 10, Term 2, 2014


Can you see that the eggs at the top right look a little smaller and lighter in colour?

They are from our new chickens, they have started to lay eggs! 

We are very happy with their timing because we are about to go on holidays for 4 weeks and we would have missed out seeing it if they started next week.

Today there were 4 eggs from the new chickens. We think tomorrow there will be even more.



Week 9, Term 2


Chickens love having dust baths because it helps them to stay clean and keep bugs off of their skin.

They sit in the dust and wriggle around and flick the dust up onto their bodies.

If chickens live in cages they cant do this, but ours are happy and free and do whatever they want!


Week 6, Term 2

We have a question for everyone….do you think Anna is really a boy? She is a different colour to all the other chickens and is bigger than her sisters…We will have to wait and see, but we don’t think Elvis would like having another rooster in there!




Week 5, Term 2

Our chickens are still growing and are very happy, but the young ones aren’t laying eggs just yet.

Elvis has been a little bit cheeky, but only to Wendy! He thinks she is another rooster because she goes in there everyday to check on the chickens. Strange thing is….so does Adam Bester, but he isn’t cheeky to Adam!

Last week, the gate got stuck open and some chickens snuck out! Luckily, Jermaine the ‘super chicken catcher’ was there and he got them all back in! When the girls we running along the fence, we saw Elvis following and protecting his girls! This made us happy because we think he must do this to keep dogs away as well.

We cant wait until our chickens are all laying eggs. 

20140508_091047 20140508_091238



photo 2 (2)

This evening Adam was reading ‘Black Caviar’ to the girls (and Elvis) when he put them to bed.

photo 1

They loved it so much that Adam kept reading in the dark, to let them find out how the story ended!

Week 7, Term 1



Elvis has returned to school after a short holiday at Peter and Judy’s.

This is a picture of Peter (our Principal), on the right, holding Elvis. He was not scared of Elvis because he has always had chickens of his own.

But Clare, on the left, is still a bit scared of Elvis, especially now that he is very big! She came over from her house to pat Elvis and conquer her fears so we are proud of Clare!

Now Elvis is back at school with lots of new girls to look after and keep safe.

Week 6, Term 1



Adam Bester has made a new gate for the chickens.

Now they can go in and out of the cage whenever they like and and can hide from danger, like birds or thieves.

Week 5, TERM 1



Adam Bester is doing a great job of looking after our chickens after school.

At night-time he puts them to bed. He has been teaching them to sleep on the perch.

They are about 8 weeks old now.


P1040911 P1040905 P1040906 P1040900 P1040913 P1040892




Big girls

They were a bit scared of the big girls but will be friends soon.


Judy was really brave and she caught Elvis the rooster.

She gently carried him home to live at her chook house for a while, so the babies can settle in.

Love chick

Clare showed the babies some love to make them feel welcome!

WEEK 3, TERM 1, 2014

We like to go to the Garden and get eggs from the chickens.

They like to go under the trees to hide from the rain.

We have two big hens at school but some new babies are coming soon.

By  Rachel.B


The babies are growing up quickly.

Today they moved to the big cage and they were so excited they ran around so fast that they look blurry in the photo!

WEEK 2, TERM 1, 2014


In the middle of the night it was raining so much that the baby chickens got wet and were very cold!

Wendy put them in the bath and dried them with the hair-dryer and they were all ok.

WEEK 1, TERM 1, 2014 (February)


In the holidays some new chickens came on the plane with the teachers.

They are so cute and fluffy and light brown and white.

They are about 3 weeks old.

They will live at Wendy’s house until they are bigger.


P1120166 P1120165

At the beginning of the term, our chickens were still growing. We had 10.

Then…we had some bad news – a dog got into the yard and killed 6. All of the kids were feeling sad.

Then…one of the chickens grew up and was a rooster! We named him Elvis because he is the King!

Now…the three hens are laying eggs.

In the holidays, Wendy will bring some of her chickens to stay at school so that they are not lonely.



Western 6 kids came to visit the Garden and they all loved holding our chickens.

Dominique had a new haircut and he even looked a bit like our chickens!


Week 10 (24/9/13)


The girls are out and about and loving all of the yummy plants we have been growing for them.

We have to keep an eye on the dogs, but Wendy’s dog has been keeping watch and making sure the chickens are safe.


Week 7 (3/9/13)

2nd batch

Today we picked up the new chickens and brought them to the school.

They are a bit smaller than the others, but we hope they will grow bigger in their new home.

We are calling the little brown one Clare.


Now we have 10 chickens at school. The first chickens are big and happy.


Week 6 (28/8/13)


Ellemor 1 kids were tying the little wire onto the cage so the chickens don’t get out. We also hope that no snakes can get in and bite them.

When they are bigger we will let them run around outside in the banana trees.


Week 6 (27/8/13)
Today we brought the chickens to school in a box.

We picked special leaves that we had planted for the chickens.

We gave them vegetables to scratch and make black soil, and so they don’t get bored.

We let the chickens out and the Secondary kids were looking at the chickens and they were taking photos of them and feeling excited.

The first thing they did was drink water because they were full of energy and thirsty!

It is nice to have chickens at school. We hope they are happy with their new house.

By Tina and Sophia.

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  1. Hello, this is the 24 students (and Miss Chapman) of ‘4E’ from John Paul College, Daisy Hill, Brisbane. Mrs Whitaker showed us your blog and it looks great! We just read all about your chicken capers and adventures. The stories were interesting and funny. We were sad to hear about the dog killing your chickens, but we loved the stories about the cute little baby chicks. The bathtub story was one of our favourites. We have a class pet. She is a yellow baby budgie named Kirro. We look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    • Hello 4E! Thanks so much for reading all of our stories! We are interested to know about your pet…what is a budgie? We think our chickens are funny too because they make funny noises and they run fast!
      From E5

  2. Thankyou Adam, we are all writing to you because we are feeling good that you are reading to the chickens.
    From Angela

  3. Thankyou Adam. We love you. Do you dance for the chickens?
    My favourite book is My Light by Molly Bang, can you read that story tonight?
    Thanks, from John Yitirri

  4. Thankyou Adam for caring for the chickens. We bet they loved that good night bedtime story. You are a good and kind friend for our chickens. What a great father! There is only one problem, now that they know about Black Caviar, maybe they will be too hard to catch when you play tip-tip with them! 😉
    From Ellemor 5

  5. Hello Ellemor 5, it is Williams 5. We love our pictures on the blog and in writing today we wrote these sentences for you:

    ŋarra ga ŋayatham djukitjuki! By Keith
    ŋarra ga nayatham djukitjuki! By Clayton
    ŋarra ga nhäma Clareny ŋayi ga ŋayatham djukitjuki. By Latoya
    ŋarra ga nhäma Haylany ŋayi ga ŋayatham djukitjuki. By Sheena
    ŋarra ga nhäma Selmany ŋayi ga barrarirr djukitjuki. By Tyrone
    ŋarra ga nhäma Viviannenha ŋayi ga ŋayatham djukitjuki. By Jessie
    ŋarra nhäŋal Kierannha ŋayi ga dhankiyun djukitjuki. By Aaron
    ŋarra nhäma Keithnha ŋayi ga dhärra djukitjukiwal. By Shahleena
    ŋarra nhäŋal Viviannenha ŋayi ga dhankiyun djukitjuki. By Kenisha
    ŋarra ga nhäma Clareny ŋayi ga ŋayatham djukitjuki. By Simonne
    ŋarra nhäŋal Judyny ŋayi ga dhärra wäŋaŋur djukitjukiwal. By Yvonne

    We are learning how to spell ŋayi and ŋayatham which mean he/she and holding 🙂 Keep up the lovely pictures!

  6. This is still my favourite….have we produced any of our chickens yet?
    If so, what colour and breed are they?
    How many eggs a day do you pick up? Do they lay them anywhere in the garden?
    Take care,

    • Hi Bryan,
      We have lots of new chickens, maybe 15, maybe 13 – we cant tell because they are too speedy and we cant count them!
      We only get two eggs a day because the little ones are still too little to lay eggs.
      Our new chickens are called High-Lines, they will be good at laying eggs. When we sell them at the markets, they will be fresh and people will choose them instead.
      From Ellemor 5

  7. The chickens look very happy. Would Wendy like 3 more chickens that Ellemor 2 grew in their classroom? They are very cheeky and have fluffy heads. I think they look pretty cool though?

    Would someone like to come down to Ellemor 2 to teach us all how to write on your blog?
    Ellemor 2 would really like to learn as your blog is very cool!!!

    • Thanks Belinda. Your chickens sound cute. Maybe when they are big enough they can come to school and lay eggs. We can cook the eggs for lunch. We would like to help you learn how to blog as well.
      From Shane

  8. I love Clare the chicken! Who named her Clare and why?! Both the garden and this blog are amazing. Western 7 wrote a story about the garden as part of our WTT. If I can work out how to, can we share it with you on this site?
    Well done everybody 🙂

    • The chicken called Clare is named after you Clare Jelley!! We heard you were very brave and held Clare when she was a little baby chicken even though you were a little bit scared. Also, she is pretty, and so are you.
      from Ellemor 8

      • I love Clare the chicken, and I know how brave Clare the person, is to pick her up because I know how scared Clare is of birds. How?……… Because I’m her Mum! I love your blog and I love your garden and your recipes. Also LOVE Power Patrol….. Well done to everyone who is involved in this.

  9. I love chickens too. I have one thats a bit naughty and keeps getting into my house! Your gardening and cooking is so amazing. Fantastic
    Michele ( Nursery and Garden Industry NT)

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