Planning the Medicine Bush Walk

Today Ellemor 8 went in the bush, we were planning to make a path around bush medicine trees. We would like to put signs in front of medicine trees then build a path around them. That people can walk around and find what medicine they need.

We walked past the power house and saw a big hole going inside the power house. Ewen came with us to tell us and explain which trees are which he even leant some thing from Tony, our assistent teacher,.

We headed down to the Big Billabong and we saw lots of water lillies they were beauitful purple and white. Tony told us storys about when he was just a little boy and he use to swim in the billabong. I was scared to go near the billabong because I thought it might have leaches but it didn’t. We walk along the side and the was a small she where they use to pump waste though. The shed was very rusty. Samson stepped into the water and got 2 water lillies 1 white and 1 purple, they smelt beauiful they smelt like baby powder. Serina found one bush melon.

On the way to the billabong we saw graves. It was sad because some of the graves were messed up of the cyclone.

By Faith Stevens Djomula

P1090118 P1090125 P1090133 P1090136 P1090148

When we went walking today, I found two flowers and a little river near the billabong. It isnt raining, so the water must be coming from a hole in the ground. Ewen said that after the big rain, the water keeps flowing for a long time.

I found a gadayka tree with some bark cut out. Yolngu use this bark like paper for painting, Ewen and Tony were telling us about a ceremony where everybody puts the bark on their arms and lights it up and dances. Tony said its a Dhuwa and Yirritja ceremony. We also use the tree for making Yidaki (didgeridoo).

By Samson

P1090131 P1090137 P1090144


Today we went for bush walk with Wendy and Tony and Ewen we were learing about  bush  medicine . The reason is we are helping the rangers and Yalu ladies to make a path that shows people how to find the trees that make people better and we can use for ceremonies.

We think we might make two paths that join up, one for Dhuwa and one for Yirritja. We liked being outside and seeing the bush and trees growing back after the cyclone. We also saw where a fire killed some trees but we saw little bits of trees growing back.  By Serina and Joanne

P1090128 P1090132 P1090147

Today we  were learning about the bush medicine. We are planning to make a walking track in the bush to show everyone trees that are important to everyone. We saw Mundjutj, Gadayka, Badarr, Mapudumun and then we went to the billabong (Gulun). Tony was telling us stories about when he was little and he used to swim in the billabong. But we dont swim because we are too scared! We like hearing stories from Tony, he is a funny man. Ewen was helping us learn about the trees too. He is different to other Balanda because he knows lots of Yolngu culture. By Samuel and Gerad.

P1090121 P1090139 P1090149


Muthirr is a Yolngu medicine, we use this plant for headaches, vomiting, stomach-aches, temperatures and colds. We use the inside of the bark this tree. We have to boil it and after it’s change colour it is almsot ready for the child or Adult. We have to give the child or adult a shower or let them shower themselves to stop the pain and stop and heal the child or adult peacefully without feeling any pain.

Muthirr ya dhuwal yolngu medicine, Napurr lika djama dhuwal medicine , gurmurr ga guthunawuy ga gulun ga rediwuy. Napurr lil marrum ginawa rumbal ngur dharpu ngur white bark. Bunbun marram napurr lil ga lupara youthuny medicine yu bala nghai li layuna.

By Faith

Medicine Tree


We   use  this  plant  for  stopping  flu .

We use this  plant   for   stopping   fever. 

1. First we collect  the  plant  . 

2. Pull  all  the  leaves  off. 

3. Mash    the    leaves   up    with  a   rock.    

4. Put      the   leaves    in  boiling  water. 

5. Put   a    towel   on  your  head  and   sniff.  

6. Get  a  cup   and   pour  the  water  over.  

7. You  need   to   have   a    shower with it too.    

By Rico M

DSC00771DSC00765 - Copy

Darrpa Excusrion Week 8 Term 1 2015

On Wednesday, Ellemor 8 kids went with the Learning on Country men and the Female rangers to Nayawili, Dhudupu and the Airport area.

We were looking for some special trees that Yolngu use for medicine and food. We were also looking at the the way they are growing back after the cyclone and seeing if any trees had disappeared.

We went into the bush and started to learn about the trees from all the rangers. They told us the name of the trees, stories about the trees and also how to prepare them for medicine. The kids knew some stuff as well, so we were sharing our ideas too.

We felt very happy to see the trees growing back after the cyclone. We still don’t know if everything will grow fruit this year or maybe next year.

DSC00767 - Copy

Red Cement Tree

Ewen and Doris scraped the bark back on this tree to show us the red inside.

Yolngu use it for healing sores and scabies.

DSC00770 - Copy Gadayka

Tiyrel found this tree broken, but it still had Guku honey bees in the bottom.

DSC00776 DSC00775

It had a little bit of new leaves growing and Lilila found a lizard hiding in the shade.

DSC00772 - Copy


This tree that Wali found is used for healing sores too. You use the bark and bash it up with a rock to make the oil come out, then you add some water and put it all on your skin.


  Raga – White Currant Bush

This tree that Vanessa found is a food tree for Yolngu. The fruit are pretty big and they taste sweet! Kids love them!

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