Georgia works in the front office and she brings us lots of shredded paper for the garden.

We use it to put in our worm farms, chook house and compost. 

Georgia is really kind and helpful for delivering the paper to our classroom.


Coolalinga Chicks

Tricki Williams sells chickens at the Linga Longa Markets on Saturday, next to the Coolalinga shops (Coolalinga Chicks).

She heard about us wanting some new chickens so she donated 6 week-old chickens to us! The Garden Gang visited her farm when they went to Darwin.

DSC02042 DSC02049

Then Tricki looked after the chicks until Wendy went back to Darwin and picked them up. Now they are growing fast and we cant wait for them to lay some eggs. They are also very friendly. Thanks Tricki!


Darlene Delvery heard about us on ABC radio and she started talking to lots of people about getting us some laying hens.


This is Janelle O’Shannesy, she went to school with Darlene, so she donated $40 to help buy the chickens.


And this lady is Kaye. She had the 5 laying chickens at her farm and she got up really early, in the dark, and met Wendy out on the highway to give her the big chickens to take on the plane!

Thankyou to all four of these generous ladies for helping to get our new chickens to Elcho Island!!


Richard Margetson

This is Margo, his real name is Richard Margetson. He is a funny and happy man and he is on the radio in the morning. 

When some of our chickens got killed, he was playing lots of chook songs and asking people in Darwin to help find us some new chooks. He rang up Wendy and she told him all about our garden and how much we love our chooks. Lots of people were listening and started to talk about helping us!

Thanks Margo!

Lisa Pellegrino

This is Lisa Pellegrino and she is a happy lady. When Rico, Samson, Merril and Sylvia went to the Tropical Garden Spectacular she was interviewing them on the radio about our garden and the cyclone. She has also interviewed Wendy and feels sorry for us about the cyclone and was really kind. 



This is Daisy with Zachariah, he calls her Mari (Grandmother). Daisy is our friend because she is a very confident lady, so she is a good role model for us kids. She is kind and helps everybody. We wish Daisy could work with us everyday!


Ewen is a good friend of our Garden because he likes to work outside in nature and he is always helping us.

On the weekend, he helped Wendy to put up our new pergola, because she is too short!


Ewen is the Learning on Country Co-ordinator and he works with all the Rangers. He took us on an excursion to find out about trees.

DSC00767 - Copy

He was listening to the ladies and he likes learning about Yolngu culture.DSC00781



This is Stephen. He is the father for three boys at our school. He is our friend because he is always happy and friendly and encourages us to do good work.



The little kids have been visiting the Garden a lot lately and bringing down all of their food scraps for the chickens.

Western 7 even helped the Williams kids to make their new Garden.

Thanks for bringing your smiling faces down to our Garden little kids!



This is Peter from Ellemor 8. He might think he is an old man, but he is very handy in the Garden.

The kids tried to get this old pawpaw tree out but they gave up and Peter came and used his strong arms to get it out!

Thanks for always helping us in the Garden Peter!



This is Gavin. He works with the Rangers and cares for the environment and Yolngu Culture.

He is also a very helpful man.

On  the weekend he used the chainsaw to make some new chairs for the Garden.

He also lifted them into place by himself – they were very heavy!


Then he lifted these posts into the holes that Ellemor 1 boys had dug – they were heavy too!

Now we can paint everything and make them look beautiful. Thanks Gavin!



Joyce, Tina and Sophia are in Secondary now, but they still like to visit the Garden.

They come down and help do jobs they enjoyed doing last year.

Their yield is getting pawpaws to take home!


P1040851 P1040852

Ellemor 1 kids made these cool dream catcher bird scarers out of old cds and scrap material.

They hung them all over the Garden to keep them away from our mulberry trees and passionfruit vines.



On the weekend all these teachers came up to school to share homemade food, knowledge about cooking and gardening, swap seeds and cuttings from their homes and enjoy each other’s company.

Some people worked together to make some improvements to the chook house, and some helped in the Garden.

It was a nice way for everyone to celebrate the ethics of FAIR SHARE, PEOPLE CARE and EARTH CARE.


P1120048 P1120104

This is Esther with her class Ellemor 7.

Esther is a good friend of the Garden because she brings down compost everyday for the worms.

She also helps her class make special food for our worms.

Thanks Esther!



This is Bec with some Ellemor 1 kids. Bec helps everyone in Ellemor Block.

She is good at art and she helped us to make some mobiles and sculptures for the Garden.

Thanks for supporting the Garden Bec!



This is Alex, we call him Mr Science because he plays Science games and shares them with all the kids.

He also likes to teach in our Garden, even if he is doing maths or spelling.

Thanks for sharing our Garden area Mr Science!



This is Kangaroos Class in Secondary. Their teachers are Lisa and Shedua’s Mum.

They have been looking at our blog and leaving some nice comments for us.

We like sharing our work with big kids!

Thanks Kangaroos



This is Kate and Cyril from Secondary.

Kate has been reading our blog and making us feel proud of our work.

Cyril is very interested in our blog too, we hope he ejoys it and comes to the Garden to visit us soon.


 western 7western 7 closeup

This is Western 7 class and their teachers, Clare and Gumi.

Western 7 kids like to visit the Garden and play, plant seeds, and eat their lunch.

They have been learning from the big kids and they made 2 wicking bed gardens. They put seeds for chicken food in the beds and when it has grown up they will go and feed the chickens.

We Dig it Western 7!



This is Williams 1 class and Abby their teacher.

They love to visit the Garden, and they like to use Garden food for cooking.

They also bring the scraps from the lunch workers to make the compost.

Williams 1 are Great Garden Friends.



We are so happy when we can share our knowledge with others in the community.

Our customers are very proud of us when we are confident workers at the markets.



This is Jacob.

He is one of the Groundsmen who keeps the school grounds tidy.

He is helping us by whipper-snipping all the weeds around our plants in our new garden area,

at the front of the school. 



Everyday Emil, Joanne, Pet and Donna make our lunches. They put the scraps in a special bin. Robbie makes coffee for the Teachers and he puts the scrap coffee in the bin too.

Williams 1 kids (Abby’s Year 4 class) go and pick it up and take it to the Garden and put it in the compost bin.

The lunch workers are very kind for making our lunches and helping us in the Garden.



Here is the area for our new chook house.

The big metal box is to make the place where the chooks will sleep.

We call it the ‘Chooky Wanga’. Wanga means house in Yolngu Matha.

And this is Adam. He helped make our chook house. He made the fence. He is good at making things from recycled metal.

At ALPA Store, they save their scrap vegetables and fruit for our compost bin.

Here is Darryl putting a banana peel into the special bin.

Wendy picks it up everyday and brings it to school. We get it and put it into the compost bin. We have lots of compost bins at school.



Here is the start of our new shade deck. Danny, Brendan, Lachlan and Timmy were digging holes to put the posts in.


Then they made cement with Mick to make sure the posts can’t fly away in a cyclone.


Emanuel came down after school and even on the weekend. He helped Danny to put the base in.


Even when the deck was only a little bit finished, Ajay and Yumburri couldn’t wait to sit on the new deck!

P1010440Jermaine D was supervising and learning how to make cement. Danny is a good helper and a good teacher.

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  1. Wow! you have so many friends who help you in the garden! you look so happy in the garden! What did you sell at the markets this week? I am in Katherine and would have loved to have your garden food at the markets here in Katherine!

  2. Hello Shepherdson school garden team. It is Cameron here. It was a shame that you weren’t able to run the markets last Friday. It was unfortunate because I was really interested in some of the things that you were going to sell. Do you know when you will be running the markets next? Otherwise would it be ok to purchase some things from you all at school? I am really interested in some plant clippings such as mulberry and other plants or trees. I am also very interested in getting some small paw paw seedlings if you have any available? I am also interested in your knowledge of how to successfully grow these plants at my home. Can I organise a time to come and see you guys in regards to these things? Thank you and keep up the great work around the school.

    • Hello Cameron,
      Its nice to get a question from a teacher in our own school!
      We do have mulberry trees for sale, but sorry, no pawpaws because our pawpaws have been empty with no seeds! As soon as we get some seeds we will let you know.
      We didn’t do the markets because there is always something happening on Friday and we miss out. But we are going to try again this Friday….and if no customers come, we will eat all the food ourselves!
      We like that your class and Tui is helping us to garden at the turtle area. When you come and buy a tree we will give you some advice, but just quickly, mulberry trees like lots of sun and water.
      See you at the markets, from Ellemor 5

  3. Hi everyone. My name is Naomi and I live in Victoria. I am a teacher and I met Wendy when she came to do our permaculture course. I LOVED your photo story of your garden. I am enjoying your blog too. You guys are so skilled. It is great to see such beautiful food harvested from your garden. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Naomi,
      Wendy has been teaching us about Permaculture. We think it is a good way to Garden and also to care for the earth, for people and to give our fair share (like food and our knowlegde).
      From Ellemor 8

  4. Wow! Hey, a huge congratulations to everyone at Shepherdson College who is involved in your fantastic garden and your great blog – I love reading it. Keep the good things growing!!! Anthea (I’m from RIG Network)

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