A Good Conversation


Today Tony was asking us for a favour, he wants us to help him make a garden at his new demountable because its too boring.

All the demountables are new since the cyclone so they don’t have gardens. People want gardens but they have no plants and bad soil at the Humpty Doo new houses, its red and a little bit grey sand.

We all agreed to help him on the weekends. We gave him advice like he needs to add some worms to make the soil look better. we told him about adding chicken manure and compost.

Tony wants plants to look beautiful, like flowers so we can share some sunflower, chilli, pawpaw, watermelon and zinnia seeds. We can also give him some banana trees and later, some things that will grow in the wet season.

So now we are going to the garden to get some of those things to start helping Tony.


Coming to School and Showing Respect

Tuesday 8th August, 2015


Today, Tony was talking to us about what they used to do with kids who swore in the olden days. They used to smack them on the bottom, use a whip or wash their mouth out with soap. So he said us kids are lucky because we can do what we like, but it means some kids are not showing respect and fights happen.

Tony said that in the olden days when there was trouble and the kids got punished they would go home and tell stories to their families and the families would come up and bring spears and threaten the school and the teachers. But now, we all have to have a meeting and sort it out calmly and peacefully.

Then Tony said that we should all work together as one team  and ignore kids who do the wrong thing. We are already pretty good at working as a team but when low attenders come back, we have to make sure that we explain what we do in the classroom to them.



Learning about Culture and the Future

Tuesday 28th July, 2015


Today, Tony was talking about going to school everyday because we need to learn about both Yolŋu culture and Balanda culture for our future.

Swimming at the Billabong

Monday 27th July 2015

Today Tony was telling us stories about the olden days. He told us about what the school looked like when he was a little boy. 

He told us he used to go swimming at the billabong  and it was clean back then, but now its too dirty and has too much rubbish in it.

Tony said that the workshop used to be a Walaku Store and there was Gunbilji Store where the ALPA shop is now. There were no takeaways and when we heard that we were shocked! Instead of rubbish food, Tony used to go and get bush food with his family.

We enjoyed our first Tony Time and look forward to his story tomorrow!

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